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Volvo S40 T5 - Kamran Aslam - Winner August 2015

Entered for the August 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kamran Aslam

Make: Volvo

Model: S40 T5

Year: 2005

Viewed: 5879 times.

Votes/Comments: 125

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Volvo S40 T5
Volvo S40 T5
Volvo S40 T5

Products Used

How Kamran Used Our Products

After weeks and weeks of miserable weather finally got a nice day, up nice and early to spend the day with the car. Started off by mixing BH auto foam (300ml), BH surfex HD (100ml) and BH auto wash (10ml). Rinsed the car with a pressure washer and applied foam mixture through a snow foam lance, left for 10mins until foam mixture ran off and rinsed off the vehicle.

Washed the car using 2BM with Meguiar’s Lambswool wash mitt and BH auto wash, rinsed and dried. Applied BH Korrosol to affected areas and tough stains agitated where necessary, washed off and dried with meguiars water magnet drying towel.

Washed wheels using BH auto wheel waited for the product to do its thing agitated where necessary, rinsed wheels and they were left spotless.

With a fresh bucket filled with Meguiar’s gold class shampoo soaked the farecla G3 clay mitt, wet the car using a pressure washer, shampoo applied with soft side of mitt and then reversed to carry out the clay, repeated process doing one panel at time until whole car was done including the windows, rinsed and dried.

Although the clay mitt done a decent job the car was not as smooth as I wanted. Went onto clay the car using BH auto clay (Soft) with Meguiar’s gold class quick detailer as a lubricant, car now smooth as glass and ready for the next step.

Went round the car using BH cleanser polish doing one panel at a time buffed off now ready for the waxing. Final part of the paintwork protection applied a coat BH finis wax.

Cleaned windows using Meguiar’s perfect clarity glass cleaner and protected with a coat of Rain X rain repellent.

Alloys wheels waxed using Meguiar’s deep crystal step3 carnauba wax puts a nice shine on the alloys and sealed with Autoglym alloy wheel seal. Finally sprayed on Meguiars hot shine tyre spray to bring the tyres up.

Thanks for reading

Comments from Voters

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  • Thts clean and shiny

  • Superb

  • beautiful

  • Nice shiny ,good product,

  • been thinking of investing in some new products with a job like that i think i will be going with BH

  • as tony would say thats grrrreat!!!

  • great job

  • thats the way to clean a car

  • cracking job

  • Excellet job

  • you missed a spot...great job

  • why can't i make my car this shiny

  • look at the shine on that

  • what a great shine

  • awesome!

  • very nice

  • top job

  • lovely car

  • this car is banging

  • Shined Beautifully

  • Gorgeous

  • awesome

  • good job

  • shiny

  • Great job

  • Great Finish

  • thats a beauty

  • good job matey

  • Amazing

  • Stunning

  • very shiny car

  • great shine

  • wicked!!!

  • Sweet shine

  • well done

  • Great job

  • nice job

  • Rare colour and well looked after

  • A thorough wash routine and the results show it

  • Great Car, very clean well done

  • flawless

  • Excellent job

  • Amazing!!!

  • stunning finish mate

  • all i can say is astonishing

  • nice finish

  • Just a stab in the dark are you a fan BH products Great Job

  • top job

  • Great clean

  • wow! that is some finish.

  • What a great finish! Absolutely immaculate !

  • Wow thats clean

  • fantastic

  • OCD? lol Great Job

  • great job

  • shiny car

  • perfect job

  • credit to the owner a great job

  • well done

  • absolutely beautiful

  • shine is amazing

  • a great job

  • a lot of elbow gone into that

  • Excellent

  • nice

  • nice job

  • great job

  • Thts a great job

  • stunning finish when are you doing mine

  • thats a good clean

  • awesome

  • Awesome

  • nice

  • spot on

  • great job

  • Looks mint thats a job well done

  • This car is amazing i like it

  • Nice and clean

  • great looking car

  • Subime!!!

  • Stunning car m-o

  • some great entries this month, this one gets my vote

  • Time well spent and a superb finish.

  • Out of the showroom!

  • Is that 4th picture a mirror awesome job

  • Thts a good job pal

  • did an amazing job! my car looks so shiny i love it!

  • i'd be proud of that ;)

  • that shine like a mirror what a fine job you done on that

  • WOW!!!!

  • stunning a job well done

  • Beautiful

  • i wish i could make my car look like this great job

  • Very Shiny

  • Superb finish, excellent job!

  • Great finish

  • love me a well looked after T5

  • that my friend is a clean car

  • Nice shine

  • Looking nice and shiny!

  • that shows the true meaning of bling

  • Can I hire you for the day so you can do the same to my car, that is Superb!!!! Welldone!!

  • I use some the products you have used, and i cant get my car to shine like this what a finish

  • Spot On, what a shiner!!

  • Looks like its come straight out from the showroom, marvellous job..

  • The 4th photo really shows up the depth of the shine. Well done.

  • Excellent, superb finish

  • Good Job...

  • very impressive results ,car looks great!

  • Excellent finish

  • It looks really clean and shiny.all of the products and owner done great job.

  • Awesome finish

  • Great shine! Awsome finish

  • Thats a beauty, I followed your instructions on my and you know what, what a great result!!!

  • Awesome Finish

  • Excellent Job

  • Nice car beautiful and in mint condition

  • i think i'll be trying your method. A great finish.

  • Awesome results!

  • Glass finish sweet

  • Splended!!!

  • what a shine!!! Like a mirror.

  • Great finish, awesome shine

  • Nice

  • Nice job

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