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BMW Z4 3.0i - Graham Salmons

Entered for the January 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Graham Salmons

Make: BMW

Model: Z4 3.0i

Year: 2011

Viewed: 2386 times.

Votes/Comments: 9

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BMW Z4 3.0i
BMW Z4 3.0i
BMW Z4 3.0i

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How Graham Used Our Products

The car was filthy after having been used three weeks as a daily driver, before the 4 series (in background) showed up. Firstly, I cleaned the wheels with a liberal application of 'Dragon's breath'. After leaving until it had changed colour, I agitated it gently and used a small paintbrush in the bolt holes etc. I then used a bucket with a little G-wash and the woolies to clean the wheels and wheel barrels, jet-washing thoroughly to finish and paying particular attention to the wheel arches and sills.

I then jet washed the car and applied diluted W4 citrus foam to the most heavy contaminated areas of bodywork, leaving a minute or two while I set up the snow foam lance. - this is my favourite tool! I doused the car with a liberal layer of foam and left for 5 minutes for it to loosen the dirt.

I then jet washed the foam off and carefully cleaned the car using G-wash and the Incredimitt with the UF wash buckets and grit guards, taking great care to always rinse the mitt prior to application of shampoo, and washing in a gentle back and forth motion. Finally I jet washed off the car, and dabbed it dry with UF ultra-soft drying towels. I used a small blower to blast water from nooks and crannies.

The car was then left in the garage for a couple of days to dry out. I then wiped it down. Although the paint looked ok, the former keeper had not had good washing practice, and the surface was marred with lots of light swirl. I masked all the trim with 3M masking tape.

I used the UF DA polisher with Meguiars 105 cutting compound and foam cutting pad, applying initially with speed 2, polishing at 5-5.5 for four slow passes and then 2 passes at speed 3, carefully working from top to bottom and using microfibre towels to wipe off excess product.

Once the whole car was done, I repeated with Meguiars 205 ultra finishing polish and black polishing pad. When the whole car was done I carefully applied R222 gloss enhancing paint remover with Meguiar's High Tech applicator pads. Finally I applied 2 layers of R222 Concours Look Carnuba wax, buffing off gently with a microfibre towel, and then a final wipe! I did all this recovering from a knee op!

When I finished, I just sat in the garage and looked at my four year old 'new' car! Fantastic!

Comments from Voters

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  • Very shiny! Awesome

  • Great job keeping this car looking amazing! RS JAY

  • Lovely looking car perfectly shiny

  • Amazing attention to detail and phenomenal level of finish for a white car

  • Impeccably looked after, beautiful car!

  • Love the stripes and Simon's cat!

  • white is the hardest colour, so the finish on this car is all the more remarkable

  • Wow, what a finish! Can finally say the work has been worth it!

  • Immaculate - better than show-room condition. Extraordinary result for a 4-year-old car!

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