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BMW 335i - Dann Bowdery

Entered for the May 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Dann Bowdery

Make: BMW

Model: 335i

Year: 2009

Viewed: 1911 times.

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BMW 335i
BMW 335i
BMW 335i

Products Used

How Dann Used Our Products

  1. Car was snow foamed using Auto Finesse Avalanche in a snow foam lance connected to a Karcher K2 Premium and left to dwell for 5 minutes, the areas around badges and trims was agitated using a soft 1" brush.
  2. Snow foam rinsed off using pressure washer
  3. Bodywork washed using Auto Finesse Lather, Incredimitt and two buckets with grit guards.
  4. Once the body was washed I sprayed the wheels with Auto Finesse Imperial (mixed 8:1) using a foaming sprayer. After 5 mins the areas around the centre caps and wheel nuts were agitated using a 1" brush and the insides cleaned using the wheel woolies. This was made very easy as the wheels had been sealed with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour previously. The tyres were also scrubbed using a stiff brush.
  5. The body was then re rinsed and clayed using the G3 clay mitt, dipping into a fresh shampoo bucket.
  6. Once clayed the car was re snowfoamed and rinsed, then dried with the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel.
  7. The body was then glazed using Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze
  8. Once glazed, a thin layer of Soft99 Fusso Dark wax was applied and left to cure.
  9. Whilst the wax was curing the interior was wiped down using DR Leather wipes on the Individual Merino Leather and Auto Finesse Spritz on all hard surfaces. The insides of the windows were cleaned using a 70/30 IPA & DI water mix. A sweet shop air freshener was then added to finish.
  10. The wax was then removed using a push microfibre, and wiped down using CarPro reload to remove any residue + give a bit more durability and gloss.
  11. The external windows were then cleaned using the 70/30 IPA mix and Gtechniq G5 was applied too all and buffed off after 5 minutes of curing.
  12. The wheels were then topped up using Carpro reload and tyres dressed with Auto Finesse Satin tyre dressing.
  13. To finish the car, the small external plastics were dressed using Auto Finesse revive trim gel.

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  • Look mint, great job!

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