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BMW M3 - Ben Garvin

Entered for the August 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Garvin

Make: BMW

Model: M3

Year: 1994

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Products Used

How Ben Used Our Products

How can I describe this beautiful 1994 M3?

Well let's get started, when she was handed to me she had blue tint & the paint was faded drastically. The windows were scratched and peeling so I took the task of removing it with a heat gun on a low temperature to try and avoid burning any trim or the roof lining. Once this was all off I had to get rid of the residue that was left in various places with a product called G101 by Autosmart.

My process after this task was to start with the engine bay. I sprayed G101 all over the engine to loosen and dirt and grime then wiped the product off to see what dirt had been left behind. After this I applied more G101 and used a long thin brush to get to them hard to reach places. After this stage I then sprayed the engine with a product called finish and let it dwell until much later on.

I then started with body work and decontaminating it for a stage 3 detail.
She was sprayed with Iron X and left to dwell until she look as if she was bleeding, I then took to her with a sponge to agitate the Iron x and rinsed her off. She then had Tardis sprayed on to remove the bugs and tar. Once this was off I took to the wheels with Autosmarts Wheel Cleaner, left it to dwell for a few minutes and scrubbed with a Wheel Woollie then power washed the product off.

Back to the bodywork with a wash with a product called Duet. After that was washed off I applied a drying aid called Aqua Wax. After rinsing that product off I towel dried her.

At this point she already had started to gain some life, very exciting times to see a car being brought back to life! Then for the inside and starting with a hoover of the headlining down to the floor. After the hoover, I attacked the headlining with Brisk VIF Auto to remove any dirt and markings then followed by the seats with leather cleaner and a magic sponge. After this the leather was fed with Leather Supplement then buffed off, this really brings up the leather and makes it feel soft.

The dash, centre console and door cards were cleaned and wiped over with a diluted finish to bring the original look back and not make everything shiny.

The carpets were scrubbed and sprayed with an upholstery restoring spray (the name escapes me). All vents were hoovered and brushed with special interior brushes to remove dust and dirt particles.

Back to the outside:

As this car's paint had been so neglected over the years and she was as dull as something that's really dull she needed a stage 3 detail. So starting with 3M heavy cutting compound I started and slowly went over every panel with a maximum of 3 passes that covered no more than 1 foot in area. After finishing the heavy cut and wiping all the compound off the bodywork I started on the second stage with 3M Extra fine Compound doing exactly the same as the heavy cut. The same process with the last stage Ultrafina SE Polish Blue.

The whole car was then sprayed and wiped with Gtechniq PW to remove the oils and grease from the compounds so that the car has been taken back to the paintwork and ready for the application of the Carnauba wax. The Carnauba wax applied and left for 1 hour to really sink into the paint and form a protection. The wax was then wiped off and sealed with Topaz for an extra glossy wet look shine and protection.

Now she is looking almost complete and like a new car once again I sprayed some Silver Seal Paint Protector on the bodywork to protect the paint for 12 months.

After all these stages the tyres were dressed, the glass was cleaned and the interior of car was sprayed with Auto Refresh air freshener.

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