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Ford Fiesta ST2 - Chris Reed

Entered for the May 2017 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Chris Reed

Make: Ford

Model: Fiesta ST2

Year: 2014

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Ford Fiesta ST2
Ford Fiesta ST2
Ford Fiesta ST2
Ford Fiesta ST2

Products Used

How Chris Used Our Products

My 2014 Fiesta ST2 has been waiting a long while for a thorough wash and detail. In Jan 2016 I moved into a rented new-build, with no outside tap, hard water, a south-facing driveway and the developer was still building the rest of the estate, so it was hardly ideal.Fast forward a year and I have managed to buy a property with a decent drive and an garage, so now I've been able to finally do a much better job on the car.

Not really many pictures beforehand.

Started off with ValetPro Citrus Advance snow foam on this occasion using a pressure washer. Left to dwell before rinsing.

Dried wheels with Air Blaster so that I could apply Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel. I had removed the grit and dirt during the snow foam stage.

Using my Auto Finesse brushes and Wheel Wollies, I agitated to clean the face and inside of the wheels before rinsing with a pressure washer. During this stage, I used the 2 bucket method to keep the brushes etc as clean as possible. The wheels still need to come off in the near future for a clean and seal on the inside. The wheels were then cleansed using some Auto Finesse Rejuvenate, before having a coat of Auto Finesse Mint Rims. The tyres were also later coated with Auto Finesse Satin creme. Dried the car body with Air Blaster in readiness for applying Bilt Hamber Korrosol, this took a while as the water wasn't beading at all. I still prefer using a blower, even if it is not always the quickest method.

Not much by the way of fallout present, but it has covered very few miles since I last treated it. Removed a couple of tar spots with Autoglym Tar remover, not many present though. Went on to use Bilt Hamber clay bar, the paint was already smooth, I didn't feel like it needed it but only decided to do it as I knew that I was intending to machine polish. Prefer this particular clay bar due to ease of use as water as a lubricant. Gave a quick hit with the same snow foam to remove any residue from clay-barring. Once again I dried. The Air Blaster is great for getting the water out of the grills. This car seems to have a lot of water traps. Brought the car into the garage for polishing. Masked up as required before polishing.

Couldn't see any real evidence of hologramming, aside from the side skirts, mainly just random light scratches, particularly on the roof. Took some readings on PD8 paint gauge, for an 'idea'. Not particularly bothered about removing any scratches completely as long as visibility is reduced, most defects weren't easily visible without artificial light. Just wanted to improve the already glossy paint. On my Rupes Duetto and LHR75, I decided to use a gentle combo of Rupes yellow (fine) and Rupes white polish (ultra fine).

After polishing, I quickly went over the paint with Auto Finesse Rejuvenate to ensure the paint was properly prepped to take Auto Finesse Illusion wax, thought it was a little OTT but still ended up with a grubby applicator pad. Used Auto Finesse Duo microfibre to buff off (long pile side). Applied two coats of Illusion wax using an Auto Finesse Puck applicator. First time using this applicator, I found this to be really easy to use and much preferred this to a standard foam applicator, the detachable pad also stores neatly in the pot. The wax itself applies really easily, a little goes a long way, and I haven't a great deal of experience applying any pot waxes. Buffing off was done with the short pile of the Duo microfibre. Knowing the ease of use of this wax, I went around and waxed the entire car before buffing off, and it still buffed off extremely easily.

Next, I polished all of the glass with Gtechniq G4 in readiness for applying G1. I gave the windscreen 3 coats and applied 2 coats elsewhere. Ensured the wiper blades were also cleaned to avoid any juddering. For the black trim, I used Auto Finesse Revive, which is relatively easy to apply. In the future, I may use Gtechniq C4 as the trim is a bit of a nightmare on this car. The exhaust tips were treated to some Autosol to bring their shine back, not much needed though.

Inside didn't receive much by the way of detailing on this occasion, but doesn't get a hard time and is still in great condition. Carpets hoovered, followed by a wipe-down with Autoglym Interior shampoo. Used Auto Finesse Spritz on the piano black trim.

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