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Vauxhall Astravan SE - Chris Halifax - Winner March 2010

Entered for the March 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Chris Halifax

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Astravan SE

Year: 2008

Viewed: 8058 times.

Votes/Comments: 53

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Vauxhall Astravan SE
Vauxhall Astravan SE
Vauxhall Astravan SE
Vauxhall Astravan SE

Products Used

How Chris Used Our Products

Because my paint work is delicate I have to take extra care when cleaning it. I start by setting up my hose pipe on a powerful setting and work it over the whole car making sure all the loose grit and dust is removed. I then set up 4 buckets. 1 for my alloys and 3 for the paint work. 1 which has the grit guard and warm clean water in it. The 2nd has just clean water in it and the last with Meguiars NXT generation car wash in it.

I start by going to work on the alloys. I get a bucket and get 2 good dollops of the NXT generation car wash in it. Using the Meguiars Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt, the Melody wheel back brush and the Autoglym hi-tech wheel brush. I clean the alloys perfectly making sure the Meguiars foams up a lot.

After this, I go to work on the paint work starting with the roof using the Meguiars 100% lambs wool mitt cleaning it every 8th of the car using the 3 bucket system. After this I dry the car completely using the Autoglym water blade and Monza drying tool. Once I am happy with this, I start with the turtle wax ‘ice’ range liquid clay bar working it in by hand all over the car using the Meguiars foam applicator pad. After the whole car is covered, I then rinse the car off making sure all the suds have gone and ready for the next stage. Going on for 3 hours now.

It’s time to use the best scratch remover on the market, the Menzerna power finish 203s, However its recommended you use with a machine. I don’t have one so I did this by hand as well using a clean Meguiars foam applicator pad. I worked it throughout the whole car maintaining equal pressure throughout. After I have done the whole car. I go back around using an array of microfiber polishing cloths using several brands including poor boys, Meguiars and Autoglym.

Making sure all the Menzerna is removed I then apply the Turtle wax ‘ice’ range synthetic paste polish using Soft Buff 2.0 Foam Finishing Pad. Leaving this to dry for no more than 10 minute I buff it off using clean microfiber clothes and lastly going over it with the Meguiars ultimate wipe producing a show room shine.

I then go back to the alloys and apply Rimwax to them again allowing it to dry for around 5 minutes. Once it has dried, using a clean microfiber cloth I buff the alloys until sparkling. Nearly done now I apply a generous amount of Meguiars endurance tyre gel in conjunction with the applicator to match.

Lastly I clean and polish the glass using the NXT glass cleaner by Meguiars. 9 hard hours later and a bulging right arm.

She is done. What do you think?

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice clean car

  • Sweet car

  • Cleanest Car I've ever seen. :)


  • fab... its got to be the winner!

  • Best looking van, love the brake decals.

  • Fantastic finish - looking good!!! Nan and Grandad T

  • Best in show

  • Too much time! But amazing finish

  • Brilliant car

  • Great van mate awesum, gets my vote

  • great work bud, winner

  • Great Car

  • Superb job its a winner

  • great car, blood sweat and tears

  • Surely you need some stipes !!!! Well done bud

  • Awesome job chris! definitely a winner!!

  • God Job Dude

  • top job, from the carphone warehouse

  • what a car!!!!!

  • perfect!

  • you have done a fantastic job- well done!

  • If ya keep polishing it, it might turn into a car PHONEBOOTH

  • Very nice finish!

  • Sweet!

  • WOW

  • Great Job. Lea-Ann Phonebooth

  • Great Job Big Al Phonebooth

  • topbloke and a cracking shine. The Phonebooth

  • You defo got my vote :-)

  • Very Nice :)

  • From Todd at the phonebooth, ya get my vote

  • Want to meet the big bad boy with this awesum automobile, must have luvly arms ;-) Mel Phonebooth

  • Super job, great shine

  • Well Done :)

  • Very Clean Well Done :)

  • Wow, wow. good job from the phonebooth

  • You can see ya face in it, bad luck !!! The Booth. Good job

  • Fantastic Finish, from the Phonebooth crew, awesum

  • Great Job, must have took ages, from ya mates at the Phonebooth

  • amazing shine! well done

  • Nice!

  • Incredible show room finish

  • That's a better finish than anythin seen up town this season, well done mate

  • Instead of doing that on a saturday come play footy with me and jimi...nevertheless you get my vote!

  • Great job must have taken hours

  • Spanking good job

  • Good job Mr Halifax

  • the roads should be honoured to have this car on them

  • definite winner!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing finish! Such dedication should definetly be awarded, the cleanest car EVER! winner!

  • Surely must be a competition winner.....such dedication.....i've never seen a cleaner car anywhere!!

  • Wow, you have done a fantastic job the finish is excellent!! I hope this car wins!

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