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Volkswagen Golf R32 - Nick Makaronas - Winner June 2010

Entered for the June 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Nick Makaronas

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf R32

Year: 2007

Viewed: 4870 times.

Votes/Comments: 32

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Volkswagen Golf R32
Volkswagen Golf R32

Products Used

How Nick Used Our Products

I wash my car every week, however on this occasion the weather was warm (not often in Scotland!) and I spent the whole day on it. The car does not require any correction, as I have been very careful to look after it!

  • Firstly I rinsed the car thoroughly with my power washer
  • Snow Foamed the car and left for ten minutes
  • Rinsed the car with the power washer thoroughly
  • Washed the car (two buckets and lambs wool mitt)
  • Rinsed the car thoroughly
  • Left wet, clayed the car and used the Dodo Juice clay lube.
  • Rinsed the car thoroughly and washed again (two buckets, and lambs wool mitt)
  • Sprayed on Meguiars’s Last Touch and dried the car with a deep pile luxury towel
  • Applied Dodo Juice lime prime with my machine polisher
  • Applied Poorboys black hole glaze with machine - buff off excess with microfibre
  • Applied Jet Seal 109 sealant with machine - buff off excess with microfibre
  • Applied Raceglaze 55 wax by hand - buff off when cured
  • Applied Poorboys Wheel Sealant to alloys
  • Applied Poorboys external trim detailer
  • Polished exhaust with Meguiars’s Metal Polish.
  • Applied Meguiars’s Tyre Dressing

Comments from Voters

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  • Mirror finish!

  • Brilliant mate!

  • I love a shiny R32

  • Amazing, utterly amazing

  • I joy to behold...

  • Wowzers!!!!

  • Decent Car Mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Incredible!!!! Wish my car was this clean!

  • That's very can clean my car next time!! ;-)

  • Brilliant! Cleanest R32 I have seen!

  • almost as shiney as harryhills forehead. nice finish

  • very nice!!

  • Excellent Finish, Well Done

  • Looks so good I cried

  • Great finish

  • Gorgeous sparkly car!

  • Brill

  • Nice shine :-)

  • WOW!!!!!!- Shiny Shiny!

  • Hey you can come to Rio and give my ride that amazing mirror finish :-) Well done Nick-o

  • nice work pachango

  • nice work =)

  • Superb Shine!

  • amazing finish to this car,looks stunning,well done nicholas you can my car now !!!!!

  • Shiney Shiney!!!

  • Simply stunning!

  • superb example. looks stunning

  • Lovely Job, Well done Nicholas :)

  • feel like cleaning my car some time?

  • Fantastic mirror finish

  • Great job!! this looks like its been in for professional detailing !!

  • I would like to vote for this fabulous shining example

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