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Fiat Punto mk2b - Michael Brown - Winner June 2010

Entered for the June 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Michael Brown

Make: Fiat

Model: Punto mk2b

Year: 2004

Viewed: 5980 times.

Votes/Comments: 50

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Fiat Punto mk2b
Fiat Punto mk2b
Fiat Punto mk2b
Fiat Punto mk2b

Products Used

How Michael Used Our Products

Car pressure washed to begin with, then used the snow foam lance to remove any remaining bugs and tar.

Wheels cleaned by Meguiars’s hot rims cleaner. Car washed with Meguiars’s gold class shampoo and condition.

Clay barred to remove body contaminants and using Meguiars’s quick detailer. After that came out the g220 dual action polisher with Meguiars’s ultimate compound, then Meguiars’s crystal step 2 polish followed by NXT tech wax.

Tyres blacked with Meguiars’s high endurance tyre gloss gel.

Metal polish applied to rims and exhaust. Meguiars’s glass cleaner used too.

Comments from Voters

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  • you sure like your megs products!

  • good luck :D

  • fellow FF :D

  • looks sweeeeet that.

  • (y)

  • Great marketing ploy

  • Very Nice

  • very shiney, i bet i could see my smiling face in it!!!

  • Very nice

  • Sweet car! Best of luck from Nicky @ Fiat Forum

  • sex machine :)

  • Lush :-)

  • Voting :)

  • shiney :)

  • very nice indeed, I wonder how long it took you?

  • Nice ride dawg ;)

  • because he's worth it!

  • looks good mr brown, best of luck!!

  • canny

  • good work

  • nice and clean..

  • Good work.

  • wow

  • its very shiny!!

  • pimpin! but i could have done better boyyy

  • pretty shiny car there brown atleast you put effort into something!

  • Really immaculate, very shiney... fab ....

  • Spotless

  • Beautiful work!

  • vote

  • Awesome effort mate, good luck!

  • nice car! looking good!

  • just cos i'm nice this way, but my punto is better!

  • puntotastic

  • love it .

  • Lol...

  • Very shiny

  • oh wow, totaly amayzon darling!

  • Its cool. Even if you are in love with your newer one! lol

  • such a cool reliable car, if you want to arrive on time and in style, this boyo is the winner

  • Fantastic Car. Looking Very SMART

  • Mirror shine, looks beautiful!

  • Stunning finish!!

  • very cool

  • Canny mint!

  • very clean car loving it, nice one

  • you cant beat a good black shine

  • Stunning finish, well done

  • shiney :)

  • smart

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