Audi S7 Vorsprung TDI Quattro: New Car Protection

5 doors, 5 seats, 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds, 349BHP, a generously sized boot and a combined MPG of 43.5. Would you have guessed this is a diesel powered Audi? Well it is and it’s pretty impressive reading we think you’ll agree. The car in question is of course the brand new Audi S7 Vorsprung TDI Quattro and the all-round package really does tick pretty much every box available.

The A7 is now in its 10th year of production, with the S7 acting as the model bridging the gap between the entry A7 and the ultra-aggressive RS7. With the S7, we are talking more refinement and luxury than an RS7, but the S7’s ability to move at haste should not be underestimated. It’s powered by Audi’s 3 Litre Straight 6 Turbo Diesel 8-speed engine – in a nutshell, it delivers formidable torque and no matter what gear you are in, responsiveness is exemplary.

So what about the exterior? There is certainly plenty of it! It is one of the longest cars we have worked on in the UF Studio in recent times and this 2020 plate edition which arrived with just mileage from dealer to Brands Hatch had a very discreetly classy look to it. Perhaps due to the Daytona Grey Pearl paint which really set the Audi off very nicely indeed even before we had the chance to machine polish and coat.

Arriving From The Dealership

We welcomed this fresh 20 plate to our studio and rather pleasingly for our pro-detailer, the Audi S7 still had much of its transportation packaging in place. This would hopefully mean that there had been no previous attempts to clean the car before it came to us which potentially could have caused damage to paint along the way.

The owner of this Audi S7 had booked in for a New Car Protection along with Alloy Wheel Protection – both treatments will ensure that the Audi is protected right from the off and another major advantage is that it also makes future maintenance washes on the vehicle a whole lot easier.

Audi S7
Audi S7

Why You Always Clean Wheels First

Starting the pre-wash phase by focusing on the wheels is always well advised and there are a number of reasons why we will always endorse this. The wheels will usually tend to be the dirtiest part of a vehicle and host an array of contaminants. In the event of cleaning other body panels first, you’ll always run the risk of spraying dirt from the wheels on to the panels you’ve just cleaned. Body panels (due to their positioning on the vehicle) will also naturally dry quicker than wheels, so starting on the wheels allows them more drying time.

Sound advice for budding car care enthusiasts and the emphasis being to maintain a solid routine so your car care process remains as safe a process as possible.

The start of this Audi S7’s journey with us begins with some degreasing using Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD – it is applied liberally all over the lower quarter of the car, which of course includes the aforementioned 21inch alloy wheels. The Audi does not have too much of the thick transportation wax in place which we so often are used to seeing, other than one very visible piece on the driver side door which is also treated to a dousing of de-greaser.

Audi S7

The degreaser is a non-toxic product, which makes it extremely flexible in terms of where you can use it on a vehicle. It’s perfect for removing such contaminants without the chance of causing damage to the car.


Using a selection of wheel brushes and UF Safe Wheel Cleaner, the wheels are washed thoroughly. The long, thin handles on the Wheel Woolies allow the brushes to reach between the spokes to clean the rear of the rim – it is key for the entire wheel to be completely cleaned as these will later be treated with a sealant.

UF Safe Wheel Cleaner
Original Wheel Woolies
Valet PRO

As mentioned previously, the S7 has various pieces of plastic protective wrapping, stickers and foil dotted all over the exterior, so taking care when removing these is paramount. Quite naturally, attempting to remove any form of sticker by hand without it tearing off into several pieces is usually the way! So, once moistened, the power of the Kranzle 1152 Total Stop Pressure Washer is enough to break down the sticker and all remains are soon removed safely.

Audi S7

Iron contamination remover is applied to the Audi S7, then the entire car is sprayed in Ultimate Snow Foam. Creating a thick, white foam which clings to all surface (even the vertical ones), it lifts bigger bits of contamination from the bodywork within the foam.

Following a thorough wash stage using the Two Bucket Method and a pure water final rinse using an Aqua Gleam De-ionising Water Filter, the Audi is then driven into our studio where it can be dried.

We use a BigBoi Touchless Car Dryer to chase all remaining moisture off of the freshly cleaned paintwork. The Bigboi has a powerful motor which generates warm, filtered air to blast water from the panels and most importantly out from all those classic hideaway spots where moisture creeps into, only for it to make an appearance when you least need it! With the BigBoi, you can eradicate the chance of this every time.

BigBoi Touchless Car Dryer

Analysing The Audi’s Paint & Machine Polishing

The Audi S7’s paintwork is assessed under Scangrip lighting, which is key in understanding where any blemishes of note can be found. There are indeed some light swirl spots visible, the positions of damage noted on a Vehicle Appraisal Sheet (along with paint depth readings using a Defelsko Positest) as a reference point for the upcoming machine polishing phase. The paintwork would now need some refinement prior to beginning the application of Kamikaze Collection Zipang Coat.

Audi S7
Audi S7

The importance of readying a surface before applying Zipang Coat cannot be underestimated, as once cured, the bond that Zipang forms makes it exceptionally hard to remove. This means that any paint blemishes which are not treated end up sealed beneath. The prospect of removing a blemish at that point requires stripping the ceramic coating in full – so in essence, the advantage of having a bulletproof routine is once again highlighted here.


Machine polishing begins using a RUPES LHR 75E Mini random orbital polisher and a RUPES Yellow Polishing Pad, together with Menzerna Super Finish 3500. The 3500 compound is designed to remove swirls from paintwork which is scratch-resistant. To refine and finish the S7, our pro-detailer uses Kamikaze Collection Banzai Dynamics Black Finishing Pad in tandem with Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800. Following refinement, the Audi’s paintwork really does begin to look incredibly glossy.

Protection Using Kamikaze Zipang

The owner of the S7 had opted for the single-stage sealant, Zipang, courtesy of Kamikaze Collection. Prior to applying, all surfaces are given a final sweep using a Gtechniq Panel Wipe. Once this is done, we can now be sure that all polish and any other sitting residues have been completely removed.

The Zipang Coat application is done very slowly and in straight lines. The prime reason for this is because the layer must be a thick and even coat to avoid varying sections of paint curing at different rates, which can be detrimental to the end performance. The layer is left to cure for 3-5 minutes before being tested and only when the consistency is determined to be correct, it is buffed away using a circular motion. Such is the complexity of the procedures involved when applying Zipang Coat, it remains a service only product which can be obtained via professionally trained UK Certified Detailers.

Audi S7
Audi S7

Alloy Wheel Protection

With the Audi S7 raised on our hydraulic ramp, it was now time for the wheels to be removed and protected with Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim Coat. To begin with, the 21inch diamond cut alloys which are finished in gloss anthracite black are prepared for their protection using a silicone remover – Nanolex EX. EX ensures all surfaces (both face and inner of the wheel) are free from any residues, which then means that full chemical bonding of the Kamikaze Stance will take place.

With the wheels now prepped, Stance Rim Coat can be applied evenly in straight lines using the supplied applicator pad. Once cured, a super-slick heat resistant barrier will be locked in across the surface. The sealant will repel water, oil, grimes and dirt. The protective coating also restrains brake dust from building up quite so aggressively too and those gloss levels will be much easier to maintain in all further maintenance washes. After allowing to sit for 10-15 minutes, the wheels are wiped down using a soft microfibre cloth to leave a gleaming finish.

Kamikaze Collection Stance Rim
Audi S7

The freshly coated alloys are then fastened back on to the Audi S7, ready for a nice tyre treatment application. If you’ve got the luxury of elevating the wheels, you’ll obviously make the job of applying tyre related products a lot easier as you can ensure a nice even spread is delivered all the way round. On this occasion we were opting for Herrenfahrt’s beautifully thick Tyre Dressing and with the use of a sponge applicator, the finishing touch on the wheels is soon put in place.

Herrenfahrt Tyre Dressing

Each of the windows on the Audi S7 is also coated with Kamikaze Collection, this time using Intenso Window Coat, which puts in place a hydrophobic barrier. Rainwater will now be repelled and the overall efficiency of the windscreen wipers increased. The screen will remain clearer and assists in lowering the amount of strain put on the driver in the more testing weather conditions thanks to the clarity provided.

Audi S7

New Car, Fully Protected

The Audi S7’s New Car Protection treatment at our Brands Hatch Studio was now complete. Shimmering from every single angle, the pearl grey paint looked absolutely flawless and with Kamikaze Collection’s Zipang now laid down on the surface, this lovely Audi was ready for whatever the elements and roads could throw at it.

Audi S7
Audi S7
Audi S7
Audi S7

Featured Products Used

Kranzle 1152 Pressure Washer

Kranzle 1152 TST Pressure Washer £820

  • Single part roto-mold-chassis and therefore extremely stable and robust
  • 5m power lead with cable reel
  • 15m Steel braided hose
  • Total-Stop system

Wheel Woolies (Medium) £21.50

  • Ultra-Soft polypropylene fibre heads
  • Super-Strong flexible non-scratch handles
  • 100% metal free
  • Suitable for all wheel types & finishes

Gtechniq Panel Wipe Residue Remover £8.95

  • Dissolves polish residues
  • Leaves a completely decontaminated surface
  • Prepares surface for sealants that form a chemical bond with paintwork
Rim Stance

Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat £84.00

  • Protects wheels from road grime & brake dust build-up
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • One coat lasts up to 2 years


Herrenfahrt Tyre Dressing £16.50

  • Suitable for all rubber
  • Produces a natural satin-matte finish
  • Non-smear
  • Protects against fading and cracking

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