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Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat (100ml)

Manufacturer: Kamikaze Collection

Product Code: INTENSO-100

Packed Weight: 0.35kg

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Our Price (inc VAT): £110.00


Customer Rating: five stars

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Water Repelling Sealant For Hard Working Windows.

Applying a nano-ceramic sealant to your windows to form a hydrophobic barrier is popular and helps make driving less tiring on the eyes during poor weather conditions.

Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat leaves a perfectly smooth, non-grabby layer that will not smear or cause the blades to catch and judder. This also eliminates the irritating squeaking often associated with other glass sealants.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to apply: simply wipe on & buff off
  • Low solvent and low VOC formula
  • Repels water, oil & grime
  • Water beads off windscreen at speeds over 20mph
  • Ice & snow will not adhere as well to treated surfaces
  • Reduces surface friction
  • Will not cause wipers to judder or squeak
  • Coats 24-30 Front Windscreens
  • Lasts for up to 12 months

Application Instructions:

  • Polish windows and ensure they are completely free from oil and grease
  • Shake bottle well
  • Apply in straight lines using the applicator, repeat
  • After 5-10 minutes buff off using a clean dry microfibre

Size: 100ml

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Product Reviews

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Sure is slick... five stars
by KF, 03 Aug 2017

Yes, I had this sent to the good 'ol USA as its the only way I could give it a try. Have had great success with the Kamikaze coating line (Miyabi, ISM, Overcoat, Stance Rim) so wanted to see if this would perform as well as their other products. Rec'd and dropped 2 coats (1hr apart) on windshield and back window (after polishing/Prepping). Application is crazy easy, goes on very nicely and after 5-10 minutes, buffs of cleanly and easily...very nice. Very slick feel the next day...smooth. Would describe it as 'smooth as glass' but since it is glass, well, let's just say glass is even smoother and slicker now. Not really much halo-like distortion at night when viewing streetlights and such through windshield...very clear. Had the good fortune to run into some rain about 18hrs after application, water slides off quicker than some other glass coatings I have used. So far, considering how easy it is to apply and how little product is used, I like it as it performs as advertised. Only question left is longevity...can't answer that yet. I did notice that even tiny, misting-type beads were sliding off windshield while driving, many glass coatings don't start shedding like that until the beads/drops get larger so that was nice to see. A link to a video of windshield in light rain, 18hrs after application...60mph can be found in the product description above.

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