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Ultimate Snow Foam - 5 Litres (AutoExpress Best Buy)

Manufacturer: UF

Product Code: SNOWF5L

Packed Weight: 6.11kg

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Our Price (inc VAT): £14.95


Customer Rating: five stars

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AutoEXPRESS Five Stars Winner - Best Buy!

Ultimate Snow Foam is a PRE-WASH CLEANER designed to remove excess grime, lifting dirt away from the surface, thus reducing the risk of scratching during subsequent washing.

This new formula produces more foam, offers improved cleaning action and is designed for use with either a Foam Gun or a pressure washer Foam Lance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-wash non-contact cleaner
  • Designed & tested by professional detailers
  • Ultra foaming properties for maximum effect
  • Helps keep clear coat swirl-free
  • Does not strip wax, sealant or polish
  • Safe for use on all paint finishes
  • As used by UF Studio

Size: 5 Litres

NOTE: Snow Foam is a pre-wash cleaner designed to be used in conjunction with normal shampoos. The amount of foam produced will be dependent upon the dilution ratio, water pressure and the application method.

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Product Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about this product - write your own review

Unbeatable five stars
by Matt, 08 Jan 2019

Brilliant stuff. As a professional detailer I've tried a fair few snow foams but this is by far and away the best in my opinion. Great cleaning power and a bottle lasts a long time. Unbeatable, and their shampoo is great too.

Brilliant! five stars
by Matt, 17 Feb 2017

I've tried a few snow foams before but this is by far and away the best I've ever used. The cleaning power is exceptional, even when used in small quantities. I use it in conjunction with a professional snow foam lance and the foam created is thick with great clinging power. After a few minutes to dwell simply rinse off with a pressure washer. I've know the foam to get rid of 80-90% of the dirt, even on heavily soiled vehicles. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Great service five stars
by George Prentice, 19 Apr 2016

I ordered 4 for the price of 3, 5 litre containers of Ultimate Snow Foam pre-wash. Placed the order on Friday lunch time, order was delivered on Monday morning - To Livingston in Scotland free of charge. Great service from the Team at UF. I have just used the product this morning for first time and looks like this is the way I will be washing my cars in the future. So easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for easy and fast way to wash a vehicle.

Let it snow, let it snow! five stars
by Joe, 29 Oct 2015

A brilliant product and my favourite stage of the wash process. Quick, easy and effective just how it should be. I love giving the car a wash but this makes it even more fun, my 3 year old daughter loves watching Daddies (or Mummy's) car turn white with snow! A really effective way to soak the car pre-wash and get rid of the majority of dirt / contamination. Let the foam dwell for a few minutes then blast off with the pressure washer making the wash stage a lot quicker and enjoyable. I wouldn't get tired of doing this stage all day long!

Not just peace of mind five stars
by Carl Davies, 29 Oct 2015

I had not had this before, but got a new power wash for my birthday & ordered ultimate snow foam. First off, foaming properties are awesome, well chuffed just using it. Afterwards & a rinse off, so much dirt gone. I'd been on the motorway 3 hours day previously, so great to see the dirt all softened. I did it again then & used my wash mitt to wipe it down, then the result is terrific. No more buckets of soapy water needed.

Snow Foam five stars
by LFF, 14 May 2015

I am new to detailing and this is one of many new products I am now using.... and I love it, it takes a little working out to get the concentration right but once you do make sure you mark the container so it is then just a matter of filling to the mark, top up with warm water and away you go. I do two cars on one bottle (approx 1 Litre) using a Karcher pressure washer, this means it is good value too and it smells really nice. I will be re-ordering again when I run out

Snow Foam five stars
by Steve, 04 May 2015

Bought this together with the application lance for my jet washer. The foam covers the car really quickly, just leave to soak a few minutes and jet off. It's so simple and leaves the car ready for towel dry and polish/wax. It's economical and effective - Great product.

Best of the best five stars
by Simon, 30 Apr 2015

I've used all the more expensive ones and have returned back to Ultimate Snow Foam, not only does it produce the best foam and have the best lifting results, it leave less scum in the lance meaning it has to be cleaned far, far less then the other ones.

Best I've ever used!! five stars
by David Jenkins, 27 Jan 2015

Ultimate Snow Foam is the best I've EVER EVER used. I used it diluted on medium strength and bare in mind my van is white and hasn't been washed for 2 weeks at this time of year. The thick grimy dirt came off so good I think a bit more time and effort on a higher strength and lower concentrate I wouldn't have even needed to do a shampoo hand wash.

My 1st snow foam four stars
by Tim T K Mobile Valet, 30 Nov 2014

As its my 1st snow foam I have nothing to compare it too, but I was very impressed with its cleaning ability, its more effective than a tfr yet safer to your paint and even your wax etc! A must for winter weather. a great pre wash. It looks cool too! im using about 200ml neat per car in the winter grime.

Superb product! five stars
by G.Brindley, 28 Feb 2014

Ultimate Snow Foam is a superb product - great foaming and cleaning. Removes all but thick mud from sills etc. leaving shiny finish ready for wash.

Foam, Foam, Foam five stars
by 007geezer, 26 Feb 2014

Tired of spending £7 a go at the local hand car wash for my 4x4 and thought I'd try purchasing the stuff they seem to use for myself, admittedly I also spent money on an updated foam spray unit for my Karcher power washer, so have to take this cost into account as well. So far well pleased I've washed my 4x4 and the wife's Honda civic with this stuff and it does the task it was intended for , you do have to play around a little to ensure you get the foam / water ration just right! After that, just spray it on, leave for a few minutes and then wash off, and both cars dried to a lovely finish. PS only one problem in that if the car is extremely dirty you will have to get the sponge out to give it a good rub over the body work, as it will dry in with some streaks still left on body work....maybe I'm not leaving it on long enough? Also I recon ill get more than 10/15 + washes out of this 5 litres dependant on vehicle size so in my case 10 washes wouild cost me £70 at local car wash, money well spent. Well pleased

Snow Foam five stars
by Jim Scott, 07 May 2012

This stuff is great. It takes 5 minutes to apply and another 5 to remove. Well worth the time. Makes the shampoo stage much easier and more effective. Top marks for delivery too. Ordered one day and arrived the following afternoon.

snow foam after the snow five stars
by dean levett, 01 Jan 2011

I’ve just used this product with the Gilmour lance that i got for Xmas. It woks really well, i covered car all over an left for a while, rinsed off with hose then reapplied on the lowest setting on the Gilmour going over whole car with a sponge to agitate the remaining dirt off. Which was no mean feat as i have a white car that covers a thousand miles a week, and in this bad weather i’ve only managed to rinse a couple of times. End result gleaming car again with minimum effort. Excellent product will buy again.

Thick foam five stars
by Ormy, 10 Nov 2010

I have Tried a couple of diffrent Snow foams but this one is the best. Produces a thick foam that sticks to the car and gives great reuslts.:-)

Worthy Winner !! five stars
by AutoExpress, 11 Feb 2010

Allowing time for the shampoo to soak pays off with this top performer. Like the Bilt-Hamber, the Ultimate Snow Foam needs to be left to work its magic. After five minutes, you rinse with the power washer, and watch the grime fall off. Ultimate Snow Foam left the least for our wash mitt and sponge here, so it’s a worthy winner.

Watch Dirt Slide Off! five stars
by Sarah - Team Ultimate Finish, 23 Jul 2009

I love this stuff. I use it with the Gilmour as I don't have a pressure washer. I wouldn't be without it - makes cleaning the car SO SO much easier. It's a must-have, no brainer!

Snow Foam five stars
by Ozair Siddique, 04 Aug 2008

This is absolutely brilliant, I used it with the professional foam lance which I purchased at the same time. The foam is thick, clings and cleans. A must have for the professional detailer.

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