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Car Wheel Cleaners - by Auto Finesse

Whether you are looking for the best alloy wheel cleaner, a wheel protection sealant or just simply the wheel brushes to get the cleaning done, we have everything covered for you from the best detailing brands on the market.

Alloy wheels are generally considered to be the dirtiest area found on a car. Hard-working brake components will shed hot brake dust and debris that can bond to the surface of a wheel. Normal car shampoos which are fantastic on paintwork just don't cut it when it comes to removing this level of dirt. These specific wheel cleaning products will help to fight all the challenges faced by a car's wheels.

Not only will the alloy wheel cleaners help, but the correct brushes and mitts for safely removing brake dust and road grime will get you much further than just spray and rinse. Why, after getting those alloys spotless, would you not want to make life easier next time around. It's time to protect those clean wheels and dress the tyres. This will not only improve the wheel aesthetics, but it'll also make future cleaning easier by creating a hydrophobic coating with up to 12 months protection from a car wheel sealant.