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Gtechniq ClearVision Screen Kit (15ml & 100ml)

Manufacturer: Gtechniq

Product Code: G1-KIT-G15

Packed Weight: 0.50kg

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Our Price (inc VAT): £16.95


Customer Rating: five stars

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Optimum Visibility - Whatever The Weather!

The ideal kit for older glass.

The perfect windscreen solution for the winter months. With G1 on your windscreen you can say goodbye to smears and benefit from superb visibility in all weathers.

Better visibility in rain, sleet, fog and snow is all about safety. And the safety benefits are not just the obvious ones that self clearing screens bring. Rain and grime-free screens also means greatly reduced eye fatigue, which can lead to drowsiness and loss of concentration whilst driving.

As Prodrive Subaru World Rally Team boss David Lapworth says, "even the complete failure of the wipers on a wet and muddy rally no longer means an automatic retirement, or serious crash. With 3S glass coatings our drivers can still continue at maximum pace."

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass
  • 1 x FREE G2 Residue Remover
  • 1 x G4 Nano Glass Polish
  • Download: How To Use Guide

How do I use this product?

On new glass simply clean the glass and apply the coating using the applicator pads. On old glass we recommend using G4 Glass Nano Polish prior to application in order to remove all contaminants.

For the front screen we recommend three coats whilst a single coating is sufficient for side screens.

Sizes: 15ml or 100ml (select from drop down menu above)

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Product Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about this product - write your own review

Clear Glass five stars
by Paul, 26 Sep 2016

Very easy to use, although the polish is tough to totally clean off, so don't do too big an area at once. Would recommend getting the bigger bottle of G1, as the small bottle didn't quite manage the whole of my Jag, only enough for 2 coats on windscreen after doing the other windows

Great Product five stars
by LFF, 14 May 2015

This stuff really works on the front screen rear screen and mirrors. The glass cleaner works well and made the screen squeaky clean the only thing with this is that any chips are high lighted as the cleaner dries white and gets in to the chips leaving small white specks these are not that easy to get clean. Applying the coating is simple enough once the screen is clean though. I am not sure what the residue cleaner is for to be honest. I am impressed with the way the product works and would recommend it the small bottle goes a long way.

Awesome Product four stars
by Ben, 08 Aug 2014

Ridiculously fast delivery and service from UF. Great product. This is a repeat purchase of this kit. I applied it last year around September. Its still doing a good job now. I am replenishing mine as I'm rather fussy and want it tip top. My car gets a thorough clean by myself every fortnight so it has stood up brilliantly. Application is simple. Water just falls off and wiper trails are scarce! Bought the big pack to do a few of my family and friends cars!

How I applied it five stars
by Rand, 12 Nov 2013

BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE BOTTLE, ask someone to help! So, use applicator pad and dab a small amount of G1 to a clean windscreen, keep dabbing and applying until covered. If temp is under 10 degees Cel, then wait 10 minutes, so you can do some other glass on the car, then come back and do another coat, wait 10 minutes, do some other glass, then come back and do final coat. Now wait 15 minutes or 20 minutes if it’s under 10 Celsius. Now go back to windscreen. You need to use 2 hands in synchronisation, one hand to apply G2 with pad and one hand 2 remove at the same time. Get the g2 bottle out and a fresh applicator pad and a cotton cloth. Dab some onto pad and using left hand apply in straight lines up and down with the left hand and in your right hand get the cotton cloth and wipe away. So in your left hand apply G2 and at the same time with your left hand remove with cloth in tandem. Also clean wipers with a screen cleaner like fast glass. I got no judder or smearing as mentioned in forums!

Clearvision Kit three stars
by Phil, 09 Oct 2011

I applied the kit the other day in a dry garage. Following the stages clearly, I used the G4 first. Now I would like to say the G4 isn't like most other products on the Market that claim to be a polish but have no abrasive action. Using it can be quite tricky as I'm sure it contains the magic glass polish compound cerium oxide. This also makes for a very quick dry and stubborn removal, to combat this spray sum glass cleaner to loosen the compound. Getting onto the G1&G2, the application is very simple dab onto the pad and apply to the windows and leave to cure up to 15mins but make sure to apply a couple of coats of G1 to the front screen. The removal on the other hand may make you wish that it was Rain-X that had been delivered, but you've started so now let's get the residue off. The G2 is a must have, you will also need a couple of removal cloths as they will soon become saturated with the residue. With the residue removed, the glass produces an amazing shine and depth. So is it good at repelling rain? The answer I'd have to say is average at best. After an hour long journey yesterday in the famous Cumbrian rain it caused the wipers to skip. So would I recommend it? The answer is, not the G1 & G2, but the polish I would as it dose have some cutting action compared to other products called glass polish. Next time I will be ordering two bottles of Rain-X and just live with the fact that once a month I will do a quick, easy and effective top up.

Clearvision Screen Kit five stars
by Grant, 03 Sep 2011

How small are the bottles! I honestly didn't think there'd be enough to do my car but I was certainly proved wrong! So I've just used this kit the other day, so cant comment on longevity yet, but it does what it says. The water just falls off the glass! I was slightly nervous applying the G1 as its something new and didn't want to do it wrong but after a while those worries disappeared as it really is easy to apply, and you really don't use a lot doing an entire car either (an accord estate in my case so not the smallest!) oh and a sunroof as well. Ok so first I cleaned the glass as best as I could, then used the G4 polish. Very easy to use and remove and really does leave the glass clean and shiny. After putting a coat of G1 on all the windows I then waited a few mins before applying the second coat to the windscreen, and after a few more mins the third coat. I then waited 15 mins for it all to cure before applying the G2 to remove it. In hindsight I would have used the G2 on all the side windows after applying the second coat on the windscreen, as by the time you've made you're way round the car applying the first coat the first side window you did will have cured. I left mine for so long it really was a struggle to remove and took a lot of elbow grease and I ended up using twice as much G2 as I did G1! But the end result was worth it though, the glass was spotless. I don't think I've ever seen it so clean, clear and reflective! So all in all I'm very happy with this product. I've got plenty left, enough for 1 or 2 more cars, depending on there size, and I won’t have to do all this for a good few more years hopefully now. Which is a hell of a lot longer than any rival products offer! Though I'm yet to find this out really but fingers crossed.

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