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Microfiber Madness Cloudbuster Glass Towel (40 x 40cm)

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Easy Buffing Way To Streak Free Glass.

A great glass cleaner is only half the story - a great glass microfibre is essential for getting the job done properly. The Microfibre Madness Cloudbuster looks like a typical waffle-weave, but the fabric is made with a tougher fabric blend which helps to remove stubborn marks and bonded contaminants. The Cloudbuster is made with a bonded edge, is highly absorbent and is large, making short work of glass cleaning.

Smeary or cloudy glass is one of the worst things to clean on your car; I'm sure every home user and professional has gone through several glass cleaners but never stopped to think if the cloth they are using is the actual problem. The thinner waffle fibres found on the Cloudbuster make it easier to use and glides better over all glass. Not just for the car but also around the home too. Completely assembled in Germany for fantastic quality control and "does what it says on the tin" results.


  • Microfibre weight: 360/g²
  • Material: 75% polyester / 25% polyamide
  • Size: 40x40cm
  • Washer safe
  • Dryer Safe on low heat setting
  • Resealable zip bag included

Size: 40 x 40cm

Customer Reviews

five stars 24 Nov 2015

Best glass towel

I`m a huge fan of Microfiber Madness products and this one isn`t exception. Cloudbuster simply do the job as advertised. It`s almost as good as special paper towels. And while paper towels are disposable, the Cloudbuster will serve you for a long time. Good product.

Nick S
five stars 01 Dec 2014

Don't look at others - buy this!

I've found it hard over the years to get a decent glass towel which removes all grime, mist, and glass cleaner. The Cloud Buster does this brilliantly and has firmly positioned itself as my only glass cloth!

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