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Car Leather Care

We have a wide range of leather products suited for any car, furniture, or clothing needs. From the leading automotive brands that specialise in leather a collection of leather cleaners, leather conditioners, leather protectors and accessories can be found on our online store.

With much of the leather now found in cars being man-made materials or even cheaper cuts that have been heavily processed; it is difficult to know what to use and if it will either damage the surface or even protect it at all. Luckily even though the types of leather found in cars and our homes has changed over the year the same maintenance and care procedures can be followed to look after it.

  • Leather Cleaners - designed to safely remove debris, dirt, and stains from the leather surface without damaging the top coat or strip the oils from the leather.
  • Brushes - a leather brush to reach down into the grain so the cleaner that has broken down the dirt can be agitated to lift it away.
  • Protection - after the leather is restored, the best thing it to apply a conditioner (or protector) to protect the leather going forward.

First thing it clean the leather as any repair work will need a good base to bond to. Next a leather colour repair kit is nine times out of ten what will restore the leather to that new look.

Keep leather clean and protected from wear and tear, UV-fade and abrasion with products to nourish natural and sealed leather upholstery. Recolour and rejuvenate faded leather interiors with marque-specific repair kits.