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Car Leather Protection

Leather conditions and protectors are essential in the maintenances of all leather goods; to keep both the quality and appearance of leather in as new of a condition. All of these types of leather are susceptible to drying out, cracking, and fading; be it car seats, furniture, or even clothing. Quality leather conditioners and protectors help to restore and maintain the natural beauty of leather and prevent the deterioration of the material.

Leather conditioners and protectors offer many benefits, including:

  • Preventing leather from cracking, fading, and drying out.
  • Softening and moisturizing leather for a supple feel.
  • Repelling watermarks and stains.
  • Restoring the natural glow of leather, be it gloss or a matte finish.

We offer a wide range of leather conditioners and protectors online from some of the most trusted brands in detailing, such as:

  • Geist Leather conditioner, a powerful and gentle protector derived from plant and algae ingredients.
  • Dodo Juice Fabric & Leather sealant with award-winning credentials.
  • Swissvax Leather Milk, Porsche official supplier.
  • Autoglym Leather Care Balm, a two-step process that gently restores the natural beauty of leather.
  • Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard Serum, protect your leather with nano particle research.
  • Sansom Leather Crème, from an independent chemist that knows how to get the most from their raw materials.

How to keep leather in optimum condition, be it your car, furniture, or a handbag?

  • Clean leather regularly with a suitable leather cleaner.
  • Apply leather conditioner every 3-6 months or more for harder used leather.
  • Where possible, avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight and heat.
  • Use a leather protector to prevent water and stains from penetrating the surface.

What does a leather conditioner do?

  • A leather conditioner helps to restore the natural oils in leather, that are lost due to contamination, UV damage or general wear and tear. Prevent the leather drying, so it won’t crack, and the oils prevent the overall faded look.

How often should leather be conditioned?

  • Leather should be conditioned every 3-6 months. For harder worn leather such as a driver's seat or sofa, it may be advised to increase this to every 1-2 months to ensure the leather is in premium condition.

What is the cheapest way to condition leather?

  • Leather conditions and protectors aren’t expensive when you consider how many applications you can typically obtain from a bottle. It is much more expensive to have the leather repaired in the long run or even replace a seat, steering wheel or sofa. A 500ml bottle of good conditioner could last you well over a year, even with regular maintenance.

Can you use Vaseline on leather?

  • Vaseline should not be used on leather as it will clog the pores. It will also leave you with a high gloss finish which will attract more dirt and accelerate the degradation of the top coat.

Choose a leather conditioner and protector that is best for your needs and ensure that it is used on a regular basis. This is the key way to maintain the surface and prevent the need for leather repair kits. Our brand offerings all have the knowledge and experience to give you the products you need just remember to follow the recommended care instructions to ensure the longevity of your leather.