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Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt

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Meguiar's Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt
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The Safer Alternative To Sponge!

The new and improved Microfiber Wash Mitt is ideal for use on soft, modern clearcoat finishes. The microfibre loops release dirt from the surface of the paintwork and trap it within the deep pile.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes grime & stains without dragging dirt
  • Comfort-fit cuff & soft inner lining
  • Machine washable
  • Great for removing quick detailing products too!

Customer Reviews

five stars 03 May 2015

Wash Mitt

Wash mitts seem to be the new way of cleaning, so thought I would try this one. It's great. You actually feel like you are massaging the car. It collects dirt really well. Love it.

John Evans
five stars 25 Oct 2014

Excellent mitt

Great wash mitt, I have used a pair ( I prefer two mitts) on numerous cars over a number of months and machine wash between each one. Mitts still as good as new, takes dirt in and releases it easily against the grit guards. White colour shows up the dirt in the mitt. Highly recommended.

five stars 22 Mar 2014

This wash mitt is perfect for keeping the paint without any scratches.

five stars 09 Oct 2011

Great for foaming!

Ordered this after using the lambs wool mit, which although good doesn't last long and the wool fibres clog up. This however is very good, traps the dirt, rinses well, foams and cleans better than the lambs wool mit. I think this will last a long time, plus its cheaper....bonus.

Niels Hansen
five stars 29 Mar 2011

Works like a charm..

This wash mitt really makes a big difference compared to using a regular brush. I have used it for app. 6 months now and it just works. Plain and simple.:-)

James Woollam
five stars 30 Jul 2010


Much better than the lambswool wash mitt. Really foams up well and makes plenty of suds. Easy to rinse out and spin in washing machine to dry.

five stars 16 Feb 2010

Easy to use

This is excellent to use when washing the car as you can get into all the nooks and crannies and round curves easier and it keeps the grit away from the paint and can be shoved in the washing machine after each wash.

Sarah - Ultimate Finish Team
four stars 15 Jul 2009

Thumbs up!

I prefer the feel of the microfibre to the lambswool but it's very much a personal choice. Lifts dirt away very well, traps it and then releases it when brushed across the grit guard in the bucket. So much better, easier and safer to use than a sponge. And goes in the washing machine too (don't use fabric softner!).

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