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UF Pure Shampoo (1L & 5L)

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pH-Neutral, Super-Slick Clean Technology.

UF Pure Shampoo has been developed and tested at UF Studio, by the in-house detailing team over a period of more than two years! So now UF can deliver the very best in Clean Technology directly to car care enthusiasts at home!

Road grime, industrial and environmental contamination is all potentially harmful to paintwork, so regular washing is essential to maintaining not only the appearance of your vehicle but also the integrity of the clear coat. Pure Shampoo uses cosmetic-grade ingredients to provide a highly lubricated wash, aiding the removal of contamination whilst reducing friction and lessening the opportunity for scratching or swirling paintwork. Formulated without gloss enhancers, carnauba or other inessential additives, UF Pure Shampoo rinses completely away without leaving residues that may impact gloss levels and interfere with sealant or wax application.

Features & Benefits:

  • pH neutral - does not rely on an acidic or alkaline formulation to remove dirt
  • Designed & tested by professional detailers
  • Specifically formulated to complement natural waxes & ceramic coatings
  • Cosmetic-grade ingredients gently clean dirt, grime & contamination away
  • Phosphate and Parabens free
  • Super-slick formulation reduces friction during washing - helps prevent swirl marks
  • High foaming - lifts grime away from the surface of the paintwork

Directions for use:

  • Remove loose dirt & contamination using Ultimate Snow Foam pre-wash
  • For light dirt, use 2 caps per bucket, for heavy dirt use 4 caps
  • Keep wash water separate from rinse water & use grit guards in each bucket to avoid cross-contamination during washing
  • Always wash your vehicle using a wash mitt or wash pad, starting at the top of the vehicle & working downwards
  • Rinse thoroughly & pat vehicle dry using a UF Ultra-Soft Microfibre Drying Towel

Sizes: 1 Litre & 5 Litres (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Ben Seale
five stars 17 Oct 2023

Slick, sudsy, super value

I got 5 litres a while ago and just reordered another 5 litres. I wash about 5-10 cars a week as a small detailer, so quite picky on not going for brands by name. I found this shampoo to be to foam up nicely. when using on the car, you can feel a great slickness under hand as your wash. rinses off no problems, leaving a clean car. I even foam onto a car if needed as a quick wash on the odd occasion. Buy a litre to try, you won't regret it.

Michael H
five stars 11 Jan 2023

Unbelievable value!

Try each product yourself, you won’t be disappointed; especially with the UF products, unbelievable value!

five stars 09 Aug 2021


I've used many shampoos in the past (and still do) and Pure Shampoo is yet another great product from you guys at UF. Believe me, there is no better shampoo for the price.

Jason Mitchell-Divers
five stars 10 Oct 2019

Great Product

I must admit I would buy this again - great foaming action and you can feel the slickness and lubricant in the product - value for money excellent and would recommend this product.

Leaves a nice glossy finish
four stars 23 Jun 2019

Very smooth

Very good item and suds up very well. Leaves a nice glossy finish. For my money Meguairs Gold Class is still the best but this is very close behind. If this is your only purchase you will not be disappointed.

Ronnie Templar Kennedy
five stars 31 Mar 2019

Perfect suds

I used this on my last was for The Goththing. I dont wash my cars as often as I wish die to physical limits. This car shampoo is one of the better, I had run out of snow foam, I used it in my lance and I could not tell the difference, amazing snow qualities as wall as a car shampoo. This is a must, and try it as a snow foam too, amazing.

five stars 27 Nov 2018

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Decided to buy this having seen the blogs and newsletter. Great value for 5 litres and would definitely say you don’t need 2 caps! Lathered really well, suds lasted and overall and it seems to clean better than Autoglym ( may have been due to my improved snow foam mixing!). Will definitely buy this again, but imagine 5 litres will last a long time!

Delta detailing
five stars 16 Oct 2018


Excellent shampoo - little goes a long way. Does what it should.

Rob Barnard - R and R Detailing
five stars 27 Sep 2018

Very impressed

We have been testing it out and it really works great

Peter Davies - Design By Detail
five stars 21 Aug 2018

Overall great products

Overall great products that do exactly what they say with little fuss

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