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Car Polish Machine Cordless

A cordless car polisher offers flexibility to work anywhere; once switched on, a cordless polisher allows you to work in locations without accessible mains power. This provides great peace of mind for professional detailers who may need to work mobile. Browse our range of cordless battery powered DA, Rotary, and Direct Drive car polishers.

Yes! And No. Of course, there is nothing easier than just picking up a car machine polisher going straight to the car and immediately start working. No cables, no extension leads, no worrying about parts in the way, no health and safety issue of tripping; really, why would you not just go cordless? The only reason not to is power. Current battery powered car machine polishers run 12-24v batteries, those found in other types of power tools, and will last 25–40 minutes. Many detailers are switching to cordless machine polishers because of the convenience. With the improvements of pad technology and micro-abrasives professional details, combined with the skill, can achieve the same as corded machines, with only a little more work time

The great news about cordless car polishers is they come in all the variety of polisher types; DA, Rotary, and Direct Drive. This gives a beginner the same choices as corded, also being a little less powerful than the corded collections, they will be safer to use.

Yes, cordless machine polishers are perfect for on the go detailers and valeters. Just remember that each battery (normally you get 2 in a kit) will last between 25–40 minutes. Not an issue if you are just doing spot repairs or just refinements. If you are doing a more extensive job, make sure you have somewhere to charge the batteries through the day. Otherwise, they are much easier, and you don't have to source power over a long extension lead if the car is on the driveway.