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Car Dual Action Polishers

Dual Action or DA car machine polishers get their name because of the two functions they perform. The first action is the backing plate rotating around a central point. The second is the backing plate free spinning on its axis. This off-set reduces heat build-up and the likelihood of burning through paint, great for a beginner.

Now we've established what a dual action machine polisher is, why would you choose one? A DA is generally considered to be the most forgiving of machine. One of the big advantages of dual action polishers is they are far less likely to impart holograms in to the paint. For beginners looking for a first car polisher, this would be perfect as there is a reduced risk of damage to your paintwork.

It is also widely regarded as the most popular car paintwork polisher among professional detailers, so even as your skill levels develop, you are in safe hands knowing the machine will not let you down; it truly has become a must-have in detailing studios.

With advances in motors, backing plates and electronic controls, Dual Action polishers can now be found in all backing plate sizes to tackle every inch of your car's paintwork. Most of our machine polishers are available in kits complete with pads and compounds ready to go straight out of the box. Whether you're an enthusiast or professional detailer, there's a machine polisher kit for you; and you can replenish the pads and compounds just as you would your wheel cleaner or shampoo.

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