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Rotary Machine Polishers - by Rupes

Rotary car machine polishers get their name because of the single motion around a centre point. They are similar to a drill but geared in a way that offers you the torque needed to spin a large backing plate and pad. Rotary machine polishers, sometimes referred to as a "mop", typically have slower speeds than those found on drills or angle grinders; this is then more suitable to machine polishing your car's delicate paintwork.

Rotary Polisher offers a direct action, providing high levels of friction. This is particularly effective for correcting badly damaged paintwork. A rotary car polisher can often provide very high levels of gloss when used at lower speeds with lighter compounds and pads. A slightly tricker tool to master compared to a Dual Action, but when you do, the rotary polishing machine delivers incredible results, sometimes beyond what other types can achieve.

Most of our machine polishers are available in kits complete with pads and compounds ready to go straight out of the box. Whether you're an enthusiast or professional detailer, there's a machine polisher kit for you; and you can replenish the pads and compounds just as you would your wheel cleaner or shampoo.

Don't forget to check out our rotary or direct drive polishers. There is a polishing machine to suit all levels of ability – whether you are a car care enthusiast at home or a professional detailer.