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Aqua Gleam 30ppm De-ionising Water Filter (Large)

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Aqua Gleam 30ppm De-ionising Water Filter (Large)
Aqua Gleam  30ppm De-ionising Water Filter (Large)
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No More Water Spots After Washing.

The final stage of any good car wash system is a pure water rinse that ensures a spot free finish. Now, thanks to the Aqua Gleam in-line filter, you can enjoy the benefits of virtually pure water, giving you a spot free finish when washing your car at home.

The Aqua Gleam 30ppm filter can filter the below quantities of water, we would expect an average of 8 litres to be used per rinse. There are many factors that can contribute to the lifecycle of any water filter, such as hard water sources, use from a water softener (due to added salt content), water from boreholes; and these numbers should be used as a guide only. The resin will change colour as it is “used” up and will need replacing once complete.

  • Large (30") - Hardness Water (Soft) - 1400 Litres
  • Large (30") - Hardness Water (Medium) - 720 Litres
  • Large (30") - Hardness Water (Hard) - 500 Litres

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates watermarks & streaks
  • Virtually pure de-ionised water
  • No need to chamois dry
  • Significantly enhanced shine
  • Supplied with two quick connect hose end fittings
  • Many other applications - motorcycles, boats, aircraft, motorhomes, etc
  • Small - Length 350mm (13.7") & Width 100mm (4")
  • Large - Length 805mm (31.7") & Width 100mm (4")

Purifies ordinary tap water to 30 parts per million (30ppm). Water at this higher level of purity will provide the best possible results and meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. In areas with particularly hard water, it may be preferable to use a 30ppm filter rather than the 0ppm filter in order to prolong filter life. Alternatively, a 30ppm can be used in-line with a 0ppm filter.

Instruction For Use

1) Wash your car with safe wash techniques, taking care to be thorough.
2) Rinse the soapy water away using regular tap water.
3) Do not allow the vehicle to dry.
4) Connect the Aqua Gleam filter in-line with your hose using the connectors supplied.
5) Rinse the whole vehicle a second time.
6) Stand back and allow to air dry naturally for a spot free finished result.


  • Reduce the water flow rate using an in-line regulator
  • Keep the length of hose from the filter to the car as short as possible.
  • The filter may be laid on the ground, however it is best suspended vertically with water in at the bottom
  • Do not use in conjunction with a water softener or pressure washer (above 100psi).
  • Only use enough water to re-wet all surfaces
  • Use the filter in the same direction each time
  • The colour change mechanism is affected by sunlight, drain after use and store in darkness
  • The filter media will change colour to signal when replacement is due, even when the colour has changed, continue to use the filter until you are no longer satisfied with the result.
  • Any fish smell is just a result of water being left in the media for too long after use, it will not impact the purifying ability.

Sizes: Small (12 inch) & Large (30 inch)

Customer Reviews

Richard Miller (Wiltshire Air Ambulance)
five stars 11 Jul 2011

Very Impressed!!

We have been using the Aqua Gleam Filter to wash the aircraft (Wiltshire Air Ambulance) for the last 6 months and have been very impressed with the results. The aircraft always looks clean and shiny after using the product and we never have to use a chamois to dry it off after washing, as it now dries without leaving streaks or marks on the paintwork and glass.

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