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Introducing Aqua Gleam Spotless Car Water Filters - Say Goodbye to Water Spots and Enjoy a Spotless Shine! Experience the power of Pure Water Filter with Aqua Gleam Spotless Car Water Filters!

The weekly wash is an essential part of every car enthusiast’s care routine, however, ordinary tap water contains impurities and these can cause unsightly white water spot marks on paint, glass and metal. Left in situ, these deposits may etch into surfaces and cause permanent damage. Therefore, the final stage of any car wash process should be a pure water rinse that ensures a spot-free finish. Keep your car looking pristine and free from unsightly water spots with Aqua Gleam Car Water Filters. Using organic media to filter out water impurities, ensure that the water used for the final rinse of your car is pure and free from impurities.

Achieve a Spotless Finish

Traditional tap water often contains minerals and impurities that can leave behind visible spots and streaks when drying. These minerals may be good for your body but are not good for your car paintwork. With Aqua Gleam Spotless Car Water Filters, achieving a spotless finish on your car becomes effortless. The filters are designed to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water to an impressive 30 parts per million (ppm) or even 0ppm. By using water with such low TDS levels, you can say goodbye to water spots and enjoy a flawless, streak-free shine. An added benefit is less contact with the vehicle means less chance of introducing swirl marks and scratches.

Aqua Gleam, understand that water spots can be a major headache for car enthusiasts. Not only can they make the paintwork look dull but build up over time and a normal shampoo wash isn’t going to remove them, potentially leading to water spot etching. Our spotless car water filters utilize advanced filtration technology via an organic media to deliver pure water that eliminates the risk of water spots and additional drying swirl marks. By removing impurities, minerals, and dissolved solids, our filters ensure that the water used in the final rinse, when dried won’t leave anything behind.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Aqua Gleam Spotless Car Water Filters are designed with convenience in mind. The filters are compatible with standard hose connections, making them easy to incorporate into your car rinse/drying routine. Simply attach the filter to your hose, spray over the car and leave to dry.


What is the difference between the 0ppm & 30ppm?

  • Simply the 0ppm will filter the impurities down to 0 part per million with the 30ppm down to 30 parts. The 30ppm will last longer and is better suited to very hard water areas. The 30ppm's advance media technology is harder wearing than the 0ppm but just falls short of that perfect finish; that is why we still offer the 0ppm for those that absolutely need all impurities removed such as soft black paintwork or those who live in already soft water areas.

What size do I need, 12 inch or 30 inch?

  • The 12 inch is more user-friendly and will satisfy most car owners, if however you want the best bang for your buck then the 30 inch will last 2.5x as long but isn't 2.5x the cost. Of course being larger it may be more suitable for those with multiple cars or those who have the space for storage.

How long do the filters last?

This is a guide and results will depend on the actually TDS rating of your water. Most will use an average of 8-10L per rinse, with volume totals below (0ppm / 30ppm).

  • Small - Hardness Water (Soft) - 480L / 560L
  • Small - Hardness Water (Medium) - 248L / 288L
  • Small - Hardness Water (Hard) - 160L / 200L
  • Large - Hardness Water (Soft) - 1200L / 1400L
  • Large - Hardness Water (Medium) - 620L / 720L
  • Large - Hardness Water (Hard) - 400L / 500L

Can I use this for the whole wash?

  • You wouldn't use these for the entire wash routine as you are adding cleaners to the water it eliminates the need for pure water. If the water mixed with the shampoo dries you will still have spots from the cleaner left behind. Use the Aqua Gleam Filters purely for a final rinse.

Does the filter stop swirl marks?

  • Aqua Gleam Water Filters do not directly stop swirls marks in the same way as they stop water spotting. However, as there is no need to use a drying towel then you can't introduce swirls marks with the microfibre of chamois. You can of course still use a Car Blow Dryer for the trapped water that could still contain some shampoo water depending on how well the car was rinsed.

How do I know when the unit is finish?

  • The Aqua Gleam Filters have organic media which changes colour as it absorbs impurities. You will see this colour change as an even line working its way up the filter. As you get to the end of the filters' life you may start to see the odd spot here and there. Even when the filter is "spent" it can still act as a good filter for the larger sediments which can cause swirling when drying a car.

Join the countless car owners who have embraced the spotless revolution with Aqua Gleam Water Filters. With our filters, you can transform the way you wash your car and achieve showroom-quality results every time. Don't let water spots ruin the beauty of your car any longer.