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Auto Finesse Pressure Sprayer

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Auto Finesse AutoFinesse Pressure Sprayer 2L
Auto Finesse Pressure Sprayer
Auto Finesse Pressure Sprayer
Auto Finesse Pressure Sprayer
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Make the most of your detailing products with this effortless pressure spraying device.

The Pressure Sprayer from Auto Finesse is the latest detailing accessory that's going to enhance your day-to-day working if you're a professional detailer or even if you're a weekend warrior looking to streamline your routine. Giving you the perfect option to dilute your favourite citrus pre-wash cleaner or all-purpose cleaner, the Pressure Sprayer is made from high-quality ABS and has a comfortable and robust handle for ease of use.

Quickly and efficiently deliver product through the 2L capacity sprayer and choose from either a narrow or wide delivery of spray, minimising product wastage as you go.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong ABS construction
  • New enhanced, robust handle & shaft element
  • Suitable for spraying various detailing products
  • Makes diluting your favourite products easy
  • Translucent with a 2L capacity
  • Pump operated
  • Choose from narrow or wider spray pattern
  • Quickly & efficiently atomise liquids
  • Take the stress out of spraying
  • Minimise product wastage

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