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BigBoi BlowR Pro Touchless Car Air Dryer

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Touchless Car Drying For Detailing Professionals & Keen Enthusiasts.

As every detailer knows, non-contact detailing methods greatly reduce the chances of putting scratches into paintwork. Whilst the wash process still requires a mitt, the drying process no longer requires a drying cloth!

Dust and dirt can become trapped in the long, absorbent fibres of drying cloths and can cause scratches when the towel is rubbed over the paint. The edges of cloths can cause marks as the towel is 'whipped' back and forth. Synthetic chamois can be ineffective in soaking up water and natural chamois can remove wax protection. Using the BigBoi BlowR Pro eliminates all these possibilities, so you never have to worry about inadvertently marking your paintwork when drying it.

The BigBoi BlowR Pro is the most powerful unit of its type in the industry, with two 1500 watt motors that use heated, filtered air to chase water off paintwork, metal, glass and chrome. The blast of air forces trapped water out from behind badges, head and taillight surrounds, mirror housings and other hard to reach areas. The BlowR Pro is supplied with two interchangeable nozzles to ensure air can be directed along channels and grooves. The BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) function ensures the BlowR Pro uses air heated to 20 degrees C above ambient air temperature for optimum drying and evaporation. Select from four wind speeds depending on the task at hand.


Equipped with a UK 3-PIN plug suitable for 220-240v, please only order if your country supports this supply.

Car air dryers primary design is to remove trapped water that drying towels just can't reach such as behind, grills, badges, wheel, etc. If the car has a hydrophobic coating, it may also be able to replace a drying towel outright.

Features & Benefits:

  • Touchless drying keeps paintwork safe from scratches & swirls
  • Powerful twin motors blast water out of traps & away from surfaces
  • Great for drying around filler caps, wheel spokes, calipers & nuts
  • Forces water from around side mirror housings
  • Dries engines & components quickly, prevents corrosion
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) - fixed at 20 degrees C above ambient air temperature for faster evaporation
  • Uses filtered air - safer than using a leaf blower or pet dryer
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible roofs
  • Safe for use on all finishes including vinyl wrapped & satin matte
  • Supplied with 2 interchangeable nozzles
  • Foam air filter included (washable & reusable)

Technical Specification:

  • 2 x 1500 watt twin motor system producing up to 4.1HP
  • Airflow: (FPM) 59,200 ft/min
  • DB rating: Low 75, High 81
  • 230 volt UK plug
  • Mains lead length: 5m
  • 5m commercial-grade hose
  • Neoprene rubber hose nozzle
  • Low noise reduction twin filter system
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • Wheel-base with front pivoting wheels for manoeuvrability
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) keeps air at 20 degrees Celsius higher than the surrounding environment
  • Size: 45 x 40 x 20cm
  • Weight: 6.4kg


Equipped with a UK 3-PIN plug suitable for 220-240v, please only order if your country supports this supply.

Car air dryers primary design is to remove trapped water that drying towels just can't reach such as behind, grills, badges, wheel, etc. If the car has a hydrophobic coating, it may also be able to replace a drying towel outright.

Customer Reviews

Robin B
five stars 22 Mar 2023

Game changing

Game changing

Mark G
five stars 09 Mar 2023

Fantastic product

Fantastic product and an absolute must for detailers

andrew w
five stars 16 Feb 2023

Great tool

Great tool saves time in drying car

Garry B
five stars 16 Feb 2023

Can't believe the power!

Awesome can't believe the power

Gary Nicholson
five stars 26 Jan 2023

Customer service

Wow, yes Wow I have dealt with a lot of suppliers like most people, but can I just say that Ultimate finish have gone above and beyond with their customer service and commitment, thanks Max for sorting out this issue out, but with confidence guys this company is without doubt one of the best in the industry, thank you

Stuart F
five stars 16 Jan 2023


Excellent, will use this company again

five stars 20 Aug 2021

Wow wow

After humming and hawin should I or shouldn't I get it watching countless reviews and I took the plunge and boy what a machine. I have a big car and its a nightmare to dry without geting streak marks. No more as this machine is effortless wish id got one sooner. Dont think of the price as time is more important haha

five stars 23 Feb 2021

Stop reading the reviews

If you’re reading this wondering if you should buy one of these, yes, yes you should. Annoyed I bought it and a week later it was on sale with a longer (£60 upgrade) hose for no extra charge. Great for removing trapped water on wheels, grills, and door shuts etc. Adds a little extra time but 1000% worth it for not having to re-wipe the doors under wing mirrors, especially if you’re applying a ceramic coating.

five stars 24 Jan 2021

Awesome bit of kit

Bought this as I’m a mobile car valet washing & drying my drying towels every day was pain in the neck this big boi has saved me so much time would 100% recommended I was wounded tho as only days after I purchased it you guys put the promo on for the longer hose typical if I had only waited a few more days I could of had the extra long hose never mind I’ll be ordering one in the future keep up the good work 👍👍👍

John C-D
five stars 29 Aug 2020

Very impressed

At £329.00 this is a considered purchase, but after reading the positive reviews I decided to take the plunge and ordered by BigBoi Pro. The first positive is the service from the Ultimate Finish Team - I ordered by BigBoi at 3pm and it arrived at 11am the next day. Well done!! Now to the BigBoi Pro - this really is an impressive piece of kit which is very easy to use straight out of the box. Having previously dried my cars using a chamois leather I was amazed at the trapped amount of trapped water that the BigBoi blew away, e.g. around the roof bar mountings, window seals and door mirrors. The 8 horse power blower made light work of my large SUV - although it did take me longer to dry that I first expected, but this was mainly due to the BigBoi finding water that I didn’t expect to be there. I cannot say that I saved time on the drying - but where I did save time was on the subsequent polishing and detailing. With the BigBoi Pro having expelled and evaporated water from all those niggling places where it usually collects polishing was a breeze. No more trapped water being smeared across the bodywork during the polishing process. Although I would not say the BigBoi is loud, I did find that my hearing was ‘buzzing’ a bit when I switched it off and stepped back to admire the results. I will probably wear ear plugs next time I use it - but hasten to add that this is personal preference rather than a necessity. All in all - a great piece of kit which is fun to use and delivers impressive results.

Nigel Evans
five stars 21 May 2020


Just brilliant! Very well built, does the job perfectly. Works better on a well waxed or ceramic coated car, but now you can dry grills, wheels, wing mirrors, seals and surrounds with ease! Love it.

Richard Bowen
five stars 15 Sep 2019

Great Product from an OCD Product Researcher!

Having spent a lot of time thinking (agonising) about getting the Pro or the Mini or even a blower at all, I took the plunge and went for it! First off this is a great piece of kit! I spent a long time thinking of just getting the mini, however even as just a weekend warrior I am glad I went for the Pro. It has the power to do en entire car but also has the controllability to do those awkward areas in the engine bay and shut gaps. Having tried it on some very old cars with no wax, sealant or coatings the water took a little more time to get off on the large flat areas but still really good. On newer cars or cars with wax on this is simply a dream. No more runs off the wing mirrors, fender vents, grills or lights. It's a dream when detailing your engine bay, and can also use it to blow dressing around your engine bay to get into those nooks and crannies, as well as blowing out those awkward areas on your interior such as your vents or down the side of the seats. This is truly multipurpose! Only 2 neutral comments are you need to get the order right so your not blowing water back onto areas you have already dried, but that's just a matter of experience, and also if your in a rush a good idea to likely dry the car roof and bonnet with a Microfibre Towel to get rid of the standing water then use the blower for the rest. Great product and good fun to use. Feels robust, well made and good design. Not heavy or particularly noisy. I can 100% recommend the Pro for the extra bit of money vs the mini you get a whole lot more power.

Pietre Samways
five stars 10 Sep 2019

Heavenly Wind

This is heaven sent. As a disabled motorist, the drying of my car was a pain, in more ways than one. Looking forward to using this to get a great finish on my XC60. Being a big car it takes some cleaning, and even more drying. Frustrating when the water seeps out of all of its hiding places after all cloths are put away. Now it should be a thing of the past, and a great deal quicker to dry off. The price was off putting, but the saving on time and effort, as well as pain was worth the money. I did a lot of research and almost bought a similar unit, but a lot less versatile. Looking forward to using in earnest, and no more water marks running from mirrors and door shuts etc.

Offset Detailing
five stars 06 May 2018

Awesome Quality Bit Of Kit!

This is an awesome bit of kit. A lot more powerful and well built than other touchless air dryers I have used in the past. Lots of warm air and very powerful, I can dry a customers car in no time at all and do not get the annoying drips that come from mirror bases, pillar trims etc. Go get yourself one now!

Damien Seymour
five stars 12 Apr 2018

Bigboi Blowr Pro, AMAZING!

I am a keen car care enthusiast and only use the safest products and techniques to wash my car. There is always one part of the wash routine that I hate, DRYING! I normally use a good quality drying towel form the paintwork and glass it takes ages, can cause minor scratches (if not careful) and the alloy wheel nuts always hold water! Then I was introduced to this amazing bit of kit! I purchased the Big Boi Blower Pro version because I maintain other cars other than my own which are very big in size and may require a bit of extra blow power. The Pro is fantastic, it is lightweight, compact and even has wheels attached which make it easy for pulling around the vehicle as you walk. It looks professionally made & comes with a 3.5m hose which in my opinion is long enough to get around the car. Also comes with 3x different nozzle attachments to suit the task at hand. It has 2x switches built into the unit that both say "Low" and "High". With these switches, you can control how much blowing power you require from each motor which is very useful as you may require low power for the interior and high power for wheels! The air that is blown from the nozzle is 20 degrees warmer than the surrounding environment which really helps with the drying process. I have dried my cars bodywork & alloy wheels with ease using this and it is much safer and quicker than using a traditional drying towel. Also, if you open up all of the doors and boot on your car you can send in the Bigboi and blow away all of the dust and particles, works a treat! The mini version of this product is also very powerful and will work perfect if you just need it for your car at home, whereas the Pro version is more aimed at detailing units and large vehicles. This is worth every penny and I am so so pleased that I bit the bullet and purchased it, especially after my car was ceramic coated as I really didn't want to risk inflicting swirl marks during the drying. You will not regret it!

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