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Dodo Juice Supernatural Long Haired Wookies Fist Wash Mitt

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Dodo Juice Supernatural Long Haired Wookies Fist Wash Mitt
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Feel The Full Cleaning Force Of The Wookie!

Made from extremely soft Merino wool, the Long-Haired Wookie's Fist Wash Mitt has a supernaturally long, deep pile. As a result it gently cleans dirt away from paintwork and traps it in the long pile, preventing it from scratching over the surface again.

Hand made with care and best used with large wash buckets as it likes to drink a lot of water every time you dunk!

Customer Reviews

Christopher W
five stars 11 Jan 2023

So smooth

It’s expensive, but the difference between this and a micro fibre mitt is obvious when you use it. The feel is so smooth you just know that you’re not creating any micro scratches or swirls.

five stars 30 Apr 2015


Takes very little care but does take some, however locks in the dirt away from the paint surface keeping those swirls at bay.

three stars 14 Oct 2012


I think the manufacturers and re-sellers really need to spell out the care and preparation needed before you an even think about using this mit. I bought this and was then surprised at what needed to be done. I wrinsed, combed with my pet comb, then spent ages with a pet brush, then another wrinse. Then when I came to actually use it I still ended up with lots of seed pods and rubbish coming out which isnt great. The idea is the mit traps rubbish whilst cleaning, which is does. It also drinks a lot of water, but after one use, another wrinse and a brush it is still full of seed pods and other debris that were there when I bought it. Had I known this I wouldn't have purchased. I need to spend as much time grooming the mit as I do cleaning the car!

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