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Gtechniq MF5 Power Glass Cloth (Single)

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Lint Free, Smear Free Glass Cloth

Normal microfibre cloths tend to produce a lot of fluff or lint. This isn't normally an issue on car paintwork as it is so fine that you can't see it against the colour of the car paintwork. On glass however, the fluff can really stick out and make the windscreen still look dirty.

Another factor that normal microfibres aren't so good on glass is the weave of the material leaves a lot of space. This is great for absorbing product residue but not great at removing those tiny smears. Gtechniq's MF5 Power Glass Cloth has a strong fish scale weave at 40x40cm which will remove even the most microscopic pieces of grime from your car's glass windows, leaving you a perfect crystal clear finish. Pair it up with the Gtechniq G6 Glass cleaner for the ultimate combo in glass cleaning power.

How to Use

  • Wash microfibre products separately from other fabrics to avoid cloths being contaminated with lint
  • Wash at 30C with a microfibre wash
  • Do not use bleaching detergent or any fabric softener
  • Either hang dry or tumble dry at a low temperature

Pack Size: Single (40x40cm)

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