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Keeping your glass clean and contamination free is not only great for the aesthetics of your detailed car but vital for safe travel. Everybody who drives knows the pleasure when the car's glass is spotless and as they drive they can see everything, give it sometime and the dirt will build up again and that feeling goes. Check out of complete range of glass cleaner, polishing, and protection products to ensure that feeling never goes again and optically clear glass becomes the norm for your car.

How often should I clean my car's windscreen?

At least once a week, it should be part of your weekly maintenance checks such as type pressures, screenwash, lights, oil and so on. Unlike some of the other checks that may need equipment or mechanical know-how, cleaning your car's glass is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • 1 - spray on glass cleaner.
  • 2 - wipe cleaner with a microfibre.
  • 3 - buff to a smear free finish.

Do I need a glass sealant or polish?

  • Glass polishing helps give it a deeper clean that just a spray glass cleaner. A glass sealant creates a hydrophobic barrier for the water to run off the glass freely. You don't need either, but they do make the glass easier to maintain and clearer for longer if you polish first and then apply a ceramic glass sealant.

Bilt Hamber Trace-Less Trace-Less by Bilt Hamber £12.95 Dodo Juice Mint Merkin Window Cloth (40x40cm) Mint Merkin Window Cloth by Dodo Juice from £5.50 Sansom Speedy Glass Cleaner Speedy Glass Cleaner by Sansom from £7.95 Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass (500ml & 5L) G6 Perfect Glass by Gtechniq from £9.95 Gtechniq MF5 Power Glass Cloth (Single) MF5 Power Glass Cloth by Gtechniq £4.75 Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass G1 ClearVision Smart Glass by Gtechniq from £10.95 Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner (500ml) Crystal Glass Cleaner by Auto Finesse from £11.95 Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent H2GO Rain Repellent by Angelwax from £8.25 Stjarnagloss Rutig Waffle Glass Cloth Rutig Waffle Weave Glass Cloth by Stjarnagloss £6.00 Ultimate Finish Premium Seamless Microfibre Buffing Fleece (Red) Premium Seamless Pearl Microfibre (Red) by Ultimate Finish from £3.25 Sansom Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner by Sansom from £9.95 Autoglym Ultimate Screen Wash (500ml) Ultimate Screen Wash by Autoglym £5.99 Microfiber Madness Cloudbuster Glass Towel (40 x 40cm) Cloudbuster Glass Towel by Microfiber Madness £8.50 Gtechniq G5 & G4 Max Repellency Glass Kit (100ml) G5 & G4 Max Repellency Glass Kit by Gtechniq £15.95 Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner by Dodo Juice from £9.95 Ultimate Finish UF Clear Glass Cleaner (1 Litre & 5 Litres) Clear Glass Cleaner by Ultimate Finish from £12.50 Ultimate Finish Premium Seamless Microfibre Buffing Fleece (Blue) 10 Pack Premium Seamless Pearl Microfibre (Blue) by Ultimate Finish from £3.25 Gtechniq Complete Glass Coating Kit Complete Glass Coating Kit by Gtechniq £37.95 Angelwax Clarity Super Concentrated Screenwash (1 Litre & 5 Litres) Clarity Screenwash by Angelwax from £11.45 Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Window Coat KMKZ Window Coat by Kamikaze Collection £80.00 Koch Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner (750ml) Speed Glass Cleaner by Koch Chemie £10.00 Nanolex Glass Cleaner (100ml &  750ml) Glass Cleaner by Nanolex from £3.50 Autoglym Fast Glass (500ml) Fast Glass by Autoglym £10.95 Gtechniq G4 Nanotech Glass Polish G4 Nanotech Glass Polish by Gtechniq £9.95 Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass Kit G1 ClearVision Smart Glass Kit by Gtechniq from £17.25 Angelwax Vision Superior Glass Cleaner (500ml) Vision Superior Glass Cleaner by Angelwax £9.95 Kamikaze Collection No.7 Glass Cleaner (300ml) No.7 Glass Cleaner by Kamikaze Collection £22.95 Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner Streak Free Window Clean by Chemical Guys £13.95 Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Towel Perfect Clarity Glass Towel by Meguiar's £11.45 Dodo Juice Spirited Away (500ml) Spirited Away by Dodo Juice £12.00 Auto Finesse Caramics Glass Cleaner (500ml) Caramics Glass Cleaner by Auto Finesse £12.95 Rupes Reveal Lite (750ml) Reveal Lite by Rupes £17.50 Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (473ml) Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner by Meguiar's £12.25 Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant (30ml & 100ml) Ultra Glass Sealant by Nanolex from £28.75 PolishAngel Cristal Glass Polish Cristal Glass Polish by PolishAngel from £23.45 PolishAngel Rain 9H Glass Sealant Rain 9H Glass Sealant by PolishAngel from £56.95 Meguiar's Car Detailing Interior Mitt Detailing Interior Mitt by Meguiar's £10.25 Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound (236ml) Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound by Meguiar's £15.95 Nanolex Professional Glass Cleaner Concentrate Professional Glass Cleaner Concentrate by Nanolex from £14.50 Gtechniq Master Detailing Collection (Small or Large) Master Detailing Collection by Gtechniq from £210.00 Nanolex Glass Polish (100ml) Glass Polish by Nanolex from £9.25 Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Set (30ml) Ultra Glass Sealant Set by Nanolex £38.50 Gtechniq Glass Care Kit Glass Care Kit by Gtechniq £29.95 Gtechniq G5 ClearVision Glass Coat G5 ClearVision Glass Coat by Gtechniq £9.95 ValetPRO Valet Pro Glass Cloth (Pack of 3) Glass Cloth (Pack of 3) by ValetPRO £10.40 Pyramid Car Care Glass Cleaner (500ml & 5 Litres) Glass Cleaner by Pyramid from £6.95 Max Pane (500ml) Dodo Juice Max Pane by Dodo Juice £14.00 Stjarnagloss Glas Glass Cleaner (500ml) Glas Glass Cleaner by Stjarnagloss £9.00