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IK MULTI Pro 9 Pump Up Sprayer

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All Purpose Pump Up Sprayer

The IK MULTI Pro 9 gives you 6 litres of uninterrupted chemical dispensing. Stop the constant filling up of your most used car cleaning products into trigger bottles; pop something like an APC into the Multi Pro 9 and use it again and again, car after car. With added features compared to standard pump sprayers, not only does this sprayer perform better but it is easier to use.

An INOX/STT handle with safety lock, can be easily stored in the side of the unit saving space and potential damage. The funnel top allows for easy filling and the hand pressure pump or safety value gives you the control on the pressure when in use or storage.

The safety value is set at 3 bar, so you can't over pump the unit and damage any sills. For professional workers, the large stable base and large integrate funnel fill can save time in-between use. Choose between two spray nozzle, a cone for more even distribution of product or a fan if straight spraying is required.

If that wasn't enough from the IK Multi Pro 9, an intergrade carry strap when you are takes the stress out of manoeuvrability, and 1.5m hose gives you the full flexibility to direct the nozzle where you need. Be it a tall SUV or long boat, no place is out of reach.

Colour-cards for quick identify the internal product and translucent tank ensure you never spray the wrong product on your car or are intended.

The Multi Pro is available in a larger 8L Multi Pro 12 or smaller 1.5L Multi Pro 2, all designed for maximum strength and versatility with the most aggressive chemicals, specifically resistant to acids.


  • Valve - Tared at 3 bar / 43,5 psi depressurizable with automatic depressurization option
  • Hose- 1.5 m
  • Nozzles - Adjustable conical nozzle and fan
  • Lance - 47 cm
  • Useful capacity - 6L
  • Total capacity - 8L
  • Litres/Min @ 3 bar - 0,7l/min
  • Gross weight - 2,71kg
  • Net weight - 2,33kg
  • Safety Lock
  • Funnel filling
  • Transport strap

How To Use:

  • Depressurise and cleaner after each use.
  • Dispose of chemicals according to legislation & regulations.
  • If the nozzle is blocked clean with water and do not use metal objects.
  • If the filter is blocked clean it with water.
  • Store the sprayer indoors and avoid temperatures about or below 5-30°C.
  • Apply grease to moving parts and seals regularly.


IK Sprayer Chemical Table

IK Sprayer Instruction Booklet

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