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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Coat Raizin (300ml)

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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Coat Raizin (300ml)
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Super-premium gloss finish spray-wax for car paintwork.

The Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance range is the latest offering of boutique style products to be developed in the far east. Made in Japan with the professional detailer in mind, the d'Elegance range contain only the finest components to make them some of the most impressive on the market. Key aspects of the d'Elegance philosophy include 'Raizin' meaning 'harder' and 'more gloss' for super water repellent results. 'Fuzin' is translated as 'more soft' and 'more shiny', also adding to the phenomenal hydrophobic capabilities. These products are constructed using brand new, carbon nanotube technology and as a direct result, make the application and final results of the d'Elegance products both easier and more durable.

New from the Kamikaze Collection, d'Elegance Coat Raizin is an easy-to-use spray wax product that can be used as a stand-alone wax application or also as part of an ongoing maintenance routine acting as a top-up product. Applied via a simple trigger spray, d'Elegance Coat Raizin is easy to use and will add a quick coat of wax to targeted surfaces, leaving nothing but an extremely high gloss finish and incredibly impressive water beading properties. Once the product has been fully applied and buffed off, you can expect surfaces to be more rain and dirt repellent than ever before. The final appearance is both transparent and glossy and the overall process offers a similar feel and water behaviour to that of applying a fine wax.

Features & Benefits:

  • Spray-on gloss wax protection for car paintwork
  • Easy to apply
  • Gloss finish results
  • Harder product properties for more gloss
  • Immense water beading properties
  • Raizin - Harder product
  • Can also be used as a maintenance top-up product

Directions for use:

  • Shake the product well before using
  • Working at a panel per time, spray d'Elegance Coat Raizin onto the surface
  • Using a clean, dry microfibre cloth, wipe down the surface
  • Turn the cloth over and repeat the buffing process if there is any remaining spray residue

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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