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Kamikaze Collection Hagakure Shower Head

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Perfect Car Rinse Every time

The basics of any detailing job is the wash itself. Kamikaze Collection spent 3 months from summer to winter to test their latest offering, the Hagakure Shower Head. Durable at their focus to ensure a shower head that will last time after time even if it is slightly abused. Finally, the Hagakure Shower Head was modified to those fine details to the full Kamikaze Collection look and function.

Pressure washers are an essential part of the detailing wash but not so good on more delicate areas or if slower water flow is needed to create more of a rinse action than a splash. We have all been there on the final rinse of the car to find the mist of the pressure washer soaking all areas leading to very fine water droplets that dry instantly in the sun. With the Hagakure Shower Head you can set the variable head to a larger flow, less pressure setting to move the water and cleaner off the car. If your car has a hydrophobic coating this setting can sometimes be enough to even leave the panels with very little water droplets making drying quicker and safer.

Areas such as engine bays and under bodywork require less pressure and more volume of water to dilute the cleaners and wash them away rather than create splash and more mess.

The biggest feature is that it incorporates a 180-degree variable nozzle head to perform accurate showering at any angle. Reach in the wheel arch, under the body, or on the roof, you can easily adjust the angle and shower accurately. The Hagakure Shower Head has the perfect balance between length between and weight, allowing you to reach higher and lower with the control required around delicate paintwork. Constructed from an aluminium core for lightness and strength with easy fit hose fittings and rubber handle.

A new head mould was created at the factory to feature all the settings Kamikaze Collection wanted on this shower head. Including a "FLAT" mode, and it is easy to produce "water repellency", "MIST" is incorporated with an ultra-fine mist. A"SOAKER" where the water gathers and flows on the hydrophobic surface. There are 8 types of nozzle functions, but each one combines what is necessary for each process. The trigger is a smooth push and release bar for easy operation, no longer do you have to keep your finger on the trigger which can be sore over time.


  • 180-degree variable nozzle head
  • 8 different nozzle functions
  • Long, light weight balanced handle
  • Push and release trigger
  • Rubberised grip for secure handling

Size: Single

Customer Reviews

Richard Darke
four stars 03 Nov 2023

Top product bought this direct from Kamikaze last year, great to use.

five stars 23 Jul 2023

Best hose attachment

I use a few items from kamikaze and am never disappointed.This is a fantastic hose gun and well worth the outlay.

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