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Hagakure Shower Nozzle Quick Connector Adapter

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Swivel Hose Connector

Dedicated connector for the Hazgakure Show Nozzle the Hagakure Shower Nozzle Quick Connector gives you more than just your standard hose connector.


  • 180-degree rotating nozzle connector
  • Eliminates angle issues when washing cars
  • Reduces hose stress for less breakage
  • Automatic stop when shower head is removed

Use with the excellent Hagakure Shower Nozzle for the ultimate hose and nozzle combination

The biggest feature is that it incorporates a 180-degree variable nozzle head to perform accurate showering at any angle. Reach in the wheel arch, under the body, or on the roof, you can easily adjust the angle and shower accurately. The Hagakure Shower Head has the perfect balance between length and weight, allowing you to reach higher and lower with the control required around delicate paintwork. Constructed from an aluminium core for lightness and strength with easy fit hose fittings and rubber handle.

Size: Single Pack

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