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Kamikaze Collection Kiwami Tyre Coat (100ml)

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Kamikaze Collection Kiwami Tyre Coat (100ml)
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A Revolution In Professional Tyre Coatings

Kiwami Tyre Coat has a unique water based formulation containing hydrocarbons and SiO2 which when cured form a flexible membrane on the surface of the tyre. Kiwami Tyre Coat does not contain oils or oxidising agents resulting in a protected surface that remains that way for up to an amazing 12 months for daily used cars.

Features & Benefits:

  • Recommended for professional use only
  • Protective tyre coating (not a dressing)
  • Unique water based formulation
  • Forms a flexible membrane on the surface of the tyre
  • Fortified with hydrocarbons and SiO2 for long lasting protection
  • For daily drivers, lasts up to 12 months
  • For weekend drivers, can last several years


  • Ensure the tyre is clean and dry
  • Degrease the tyre wall carefully using a solvent wipe
  • Apply evenly in straight lines with a Kamikaze Collection applicator (supplied)
  • Important - first coat curing must be completed using a heat gun
  • Subsequent coats can be applied when the base coat is dry to the touch
  • Apply two coats for a satin finish
  • Apply three coats for a high-gloss finish

Size: 100ml

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