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Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Sealant 5.0 (120g)

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Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Sealant 5.0 (120g)
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Sacrifical High Gloss Wax & Sealant in One

Combining elements found in their ISM and Over Coat Liquid products to create a luxurious new version of their beloved sealant, Kamikaze-Collection's Over Coat Sealant v5 arrives dripping with gloss and alluringly slick to the touch. Enhanced through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes to provide anti-fouling and anti-static behaviour.

You may enjoy Over Coat Sealant v5 as either a stand-alone product or as an compliment to a base layer of Kamikaze Collection's Miyabi Coat 2.0 coating. For the ultimate in both look & feel, prepare the surface before application with Anti-Aging Cleansing No 5.

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist in the field of next-generation nanomaterials, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields, including semiconductors. Kamikaze Collection have been working with functional films for over a year, trying to perfect how they can benefit sealants. The introduction of carbon nanotubes has both increase bonding to the surface and an easier application. Anti-static additives + carbon nanotubes are not only a coating, but also a way to improve driving performance. Rectification correction is now becoming a standard in the field of racing, to reduce turbulence caused by static electricity over the paintwork.

Kamikaze Collection Over Coat 5.0 has a more oily consistency like those found in a wax but the protective properties found in a sealant. This gives you the benefit of both fantastic deep gloss and a longlasting protection. Tested in the Hokuruki region and in Norway to give extremes of weather and fallout Over Coat 5.0 found to be the best sacrificial thick film coating for durability up to 12 months. What was more the damage to the coating from the harsh fallout was not found to have gone to the original lacquer, even normal waterspot remover was not needed on the paintwork.

Kamikaze Collection focus highly on R&D with the knowledge of ISM and original Overcoat Spray developing this product to be both more water repellent and higher gloss than ever before. If you love waxes but want more from their protection, this is the product to choose.


  • The latest in carbon nano tube technology
  • Anti-Fouling properties
  • Anti-Static behaviour
  • 6-8 Applications per pot
  • Super high gloss
  • slick paintwork finish
  • Can be layered over Miyabi Coat

How To Use:

  • Decontaminate the surface with a regular wash
  • For extra preparation use Kamikaze Collection's Anti-Aging Cleansing No 5
  • If applying on top of Miyabi Coat, wait about an hour between Miyabi application and Over Coat Sealant application
  • One coat is good, 2 is even better*. Wait 1 hour between coats
  • Apply to the entire car, then start the removal process
  • Apply in small circular motions in one direction, and remove in large circular motions in the opposite direction
  • Spray a very fine mist of Kamikaze Collection's Anti-Aging Ion Water and buff off with a fresh microfiber towel as a final step for best results
  • *A little bit goes a long, long way, so spread the product as thinly and evenly as possible! Do not use too much otherwise hazing can occur after a few days

Size: 120g

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