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Koch-Chemie Insect & Dirt Remover (750ml)

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Koch Chemie Insect & Dirt Remover (750ml)
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Adhesive & Fallout Remover

Certain contaminants such as bug remnants, tree sap and tar have an especially sticky component to them which require a product capable of breaking down their adhesive nature. Koch Chemie's Insect & Dirt Remover penetrates quickly, softening stubborn contaminants. The innovative ingredients also work exceptionally well on oily road grime and traffic film.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast acting formulation breaks down organic residues
  • Innovative ingredients penetrate traffic film & oily residues
  • Suitable for use on all parts of the vehicle
  • Excellent degreasing capabilities for dirty engine, door shuts, etc.
  • Rinses cleanly away without leaving residue

Directions for Use:

  • Ensure vehicle is cool to the touch
  • Spray directly on to areas requiring treatment
  • Allow to dwell for 1 – 3 minutes
  • For stubborn patches agitate with soft detail brush or wash pad
  • Rinse thoroughly before progressing to the main wash

Technical Specification:

  • Can be used undiluted or dilute up to 1:10
  • pH: 9.8

Size: 750ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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