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Koch-Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo (750ml)

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Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo (750ml)
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Cleans & Protects

An innovative shampoo which cleans and protects in one step. The concentrated, high foaming formulation gently lifts dirt away from the surface of the car allowing it to be easily rinsed away.

The shampoo also contains protective agents which react with existing wax and sealant layers, providing a boosting effect to the shine. It reacts particularly well with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano as it bonds tightly with the sealant adding to its longevity, shine and durability. Used on untreated paintwork NanoMagicShampoo works as a stand-alone 2-in-1 product to leave an increased level of shine and temporary protection.

NanoMagicShampoo forms a thin hydrophobic film over the vehicle which disperses water, aiding the drying process and preventing water spot marks from developing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effortlessly washes dirt & grime away
  • Bonds with Koch Chemie 1K-Nano sealant to prolong durability & shine
  • Cleans & protects untreated surfaces
  • Adds shine to other existing wax or sealant layers
  • Aids water dispersal to prevent water spot marks
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Can also be used with a foam gun

Directions for Use:

  • Add 50ml (5 capfuls) of NanoMagicShampoo to 10 litres of water
  • Wash vehicle in usual manner
  • Rinse suds with clean, fresh water
  • For best results finish with AllRoundQuickShine for optimised gloss effect
  • Download: Koch-Chemie NanoMagicShampoo User Guide

Technical Specification:

  • pH: 5.5
  • Contains gloss enhancers – not for use with matt paintwork

Size: 750ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 24 May 2015

Magic - it really is

Having previously used a Meguiars shampoo I wasn't happy with the results I was getting. In some part owing to living in a hard water area, the suds were underwhelming but also the cleaning power wasn't amazing. As with other KC products I've reviewed on here, I saw a demo of it on youtube and thought I'd give it a go. I was blown away by the results - it does exactly what it says and then some! Firstly, it smells great as with all KC products i've found. Secondly, it's simple to use albeit expensive for the amount you get - simply add a few capfuls to your bucket and off you go. Even with the hard water down here there were at least 3 times as many suds compared to the Meguiars formula. The cleaning power was staggering, it made light work of everything that came it's way and the suds stayed on the car for a decent amount of time. Finally, the real magic was when rinsing away it looked like I had waxed/sealed the car already as the run-off was just amazing! This helped me cut down drying time by at least 70%. Will certainly use again and would recommend to anyone

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