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Meguiars Detailer DA Microfiber XTRA Cut Disc 5" (2 Pack)

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Xtra Cut for Faster Work

Meguiars Detailer DA Microfiber XTRA Cut Disc 5" (2pcs) has been ramped up to give you 20/25% faster cutting compared to the standard DMC Cutting Disc. This machine polishing pad is perfect for medium to severe defect removal, as with any heavy cutting pad it is best used on flat surfaces, with medium pressure.

Many detailers will pick up a rotary polisher to complete such heavy jobs including deeper scratches, acid etching or bird lime stains; but with the XTRA Cut, using a dual action polisher will still be enough to remove these defects. Fantastic for safety and ease of use.

It is recommended to use the Meguiars D300 Microfibre Cutting Compound and your preferred Dual Action Machine Polisher. This will give you both fast effective results without the need for multiple correction of any induced holograms and swirl marks.

To finish off your cars paintwork to a mirror shine, use the Meguiars D301 Microfibre Finishing Compound with the DA Microfiber Finishing Discs.


  • 2 Pack
  • 125mm / 5"
  • Machine Washable - best to use a microfibre wash
  • Compatible with Dual Action Polishers

Size: 125mm/5" (2 Pack)

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