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Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Tyre Shine (473ml)

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Long Lasting Ceramic Tyre Gloss

If your car's tyres don't have a stunning sheen and lustre, you haven't actually finished cleaning it! With Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Tyre Shine, Meguiar's offers the ideal remedy for getting tyres to look their best.

The top gloss enhancers in this complex composition give deep blackness and gloss, leaving behind an incredible sheen. You receive the long-lasting protection you anticipate from a high-end Meguiar's product together with the advantage of Hybrid Ceramic technology.

You not only obtain a long-lasting, high gloss tyre shine, but it also maintains its shine even after being wet. The mixture also lessens the possibility of having the dreaded tyre sling down the side of your paint since it adheres to tyres so effectively.


  • Outstanding Gloss: Continual high gloss sheen
  • Durable: A long-lasting tyre shine that is also water-resistant
  • Strong Bond: Reduces the probability of product sling
  • Good Shine Levels: Choose your desire, choose a medium shine or a high gloss sheen
  • Protection: Modern SiO2 Hybrid Technology provides both toughness and radiance

How To Use:

  • Shake product well
  • Apply to spotless tyres
  • High Gloss Shine: Spray an even coat of tire shine directly on tires and let it self-spread
  • Medium Gloss Shine: Spray tire dressing onto tires and spread with an applicator pad
  • Always remove any overspray from wheels or surrounding surfaces

Size: 473ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Important: This product sprays out of the container white but turns clear once it has set and bonded to the tire. Do not use on tires or seats of motorcycles, bicycles, or other two-wheeled vehicles. Avoid spraying onto brake rotors, drums, or brake pads. Application to these surfaces can become slippery. Do not apply, or allow product to contact, tire tread. Remove spray tire dressing immediately from concrete or asphalt with detergent to prevent staining or slippery conditions.Store and transport tire shine in a secure, upright position.

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