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Microfibre Madness IncrediPole KIT

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Reach anywhere on your van or car

With cars, vans, motorhomes and boats becoming larger and larger, it is becoming increasingly difficult to clean all areas effectively. Many owners resort to step up stools or ladders to reach the middle or tops of their vehicles. Not only adding a risk to falls but also a risk to severely damaging your paintwork if it is hit.

Microfibre Madness have brought you many premium high quality microfibre mitts and sponges over the year, but now they bring you one attached to their very own extension pole, the IncrediPole. Featuring a whopping 150cm extension rod, no car, van, or motor home is too large for this piece of hardware.

Made from lightweight rust free aluminium, the extension pole is sturdy enough, even when fully extended. The IncreditCover is made from the same microfibre blends found in the IncreditPad and IncrediMitt; giving you piece of mind that as the cover glides over the surface of your vehicle, it will gently lift away the dirt and will trap them within the fibres. The plate also has a thin sponge like material to hold onto additional water for an extra lubricated surface.

With the size of the cover and plate fitting into most detailing buckets, you can easily rinse off the trapped dirt and then load the microfibre again with your favourite shampoo. No need for special trays or removing the cover after each glide.

IncrediPole spare covers can be found here.


  • Telescopic pole
  • Rust-proof materials (high grade aluminium).
  • Fits in most detailing buckets
  • Plush microfiber pile
  • Pole length 60cm - 135cm
  • Full Length 150cm
  • Pole Diameter 2.5cm
  • Cover dimensions: 25cm x 12.5cm
  • 92% polyester / 8% viscose

How to use

  • Do not wash with powder, bleaching detergent, or fabric softener
  • Machine wash on low temperatures
  • Dry naturally or dry on a low temperature tumble dryer

Includes: Extensions Pole, Plate & Cover

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