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Stjarnagloss Törstig Drying Towel

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Stjarnagloss Törstig Drying Towel (Pink & Grey)
Stjarnagloss Törstig Drying Towel
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Luxurious microfibre car drying towel

The latest version of the Törstig Drying Towel from Stjarnagloss, enjoy effortless and safe drying now with an added 36% in size. This highly-absorbent, plush car detailing towel now measures in at 70x70cm and will soak up drips of moisture with ease, long before they even think about turning into a dreaded water spot!

Made from an extremely luxurious and plush microfibre, the new Törstig Drying Towel is now comprised of a twisted loop microfibre and will soak up to over 1 litre of water before you need to wring it out.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely plush microfibre drying towel
  • Soft and safe for drying vehicle exterior surfaces
  • Highly absorbent - soak up to 1 litre of water before wringing out
  • 70x70cm in size

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