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Swissvax Pneu White Wall Tyre Cleaner (250ml)

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Tyre Dressing For White Wall Tyres.

Collectors and lovers of some historic cars are familiar with the dilemma: whitewall tyres are required for the vehicle's ideal appearance and period-correct look. If only these tyres weren't so difficult to keep clean and in good condition. Not to mention the dangers of a tyre colliding with a curb...

Swissvax Pneu White makes it simple to clean and maintain your whitewall tyres. Simply apply it on a pad, distribute it evenly over the tyre's side wall, and let it operate for a few moments before rinsing the side wall with copious amounts of water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Efficient & gentle whitewall tyre cleaner
  • Makes cleaning & maintaining whitewall tyres in perfect shape easy
  • Easy & fast to use for a perfect & period correct appearance

Thanks to Swissvax, you can follow your heart and award your automobile investment with whitewall tyres a clean white finish with the Pneu White Wall Tyre Cleaner.

Sizes: 250ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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