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Swissvax Shield Wax with PTFE (50ml & 200ml)

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Swissvax Shield Wax with PTFE
Price: £61.50
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The Non-Stick Wax!

An innovative special carnauba wax formulation enriched with PTFE designed for tough service on modern vehicles and SUV's. Because of its 'non stick' effect it is almost impossible for dirt to adhere to your paintwork - just as a fried egg will not stick to a PTFE-coated frying pan!

Apply Swissvax waxes after pre-treating the surface with Cleaner Fluid.

Sizes: 50ml & 200ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 01 Oct 2016


So much better than expected, car is still looking clean 6 days later, I have used wax of a similar price and it is in no way close to the quality of this stuff, don't be unsure about this purchase, just do it and you will be more than happy :)

five stars 25 Sep 2016


Superb... Deep shine after just 2 coats, this gave my car an excellent finish and was amazed how much of a difference it actually made,i was going to get Swissvax Best of show but that was out of stock so gave this a try,easy on off application and effortless, cant wait for the rain now to see the beads ;)

James Anderson
five stars 25 Oct 2015

Great quality and worth it!

I have used Swissvax waxes in the past and yes, they are expensive... but always worth it. This time I was looking for something for my 'daily driver' and I can safely say that this wax did not disappoint! The manufacturer makes a number of claims for this and I was very pleased that they were right on every count! After prepping the car (I recommend a good pre-wax cleaner) I used bare hands to apply - don't forget to take off your rings! An applicator pad works pretty well but I prefer the added warmth of using it direct from your palm. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed with the deep 'wet' gloss you get from this wax and 3 months later, I can still see the water beading and literally washing the dirt off in the rain. Am I pleased? Of course. Would I buy again? Every time! Worth the cost? Without doubt!

five stars 29 Apr 2015

Side effects

I saw a mosquito while he was trying to land over my bonnet but he couldn't because he slipped away. This is the effect of this wax on your car.

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