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UF Clear Wash, Rinse & Wheel Bucket Set With Grit Guards™ (Lids Optional)

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Complete Bucket Set With Colour Coded Bucket Filter Systems.

The complete car wash bucket system including a Wash Bucket for your car shampoo, a Rinse Bucket to wash the dirty water off your wash mitt, and a Wheel Bucket to keep your wheel cleaning brushes well lubricated and avoid cross contamination.

The translucent design makes it simple to see what's inside, giving you complete control over the car-washing procedure. There's no need to play guessing games if the water is getting too dirty. The Ultimate Finish Complete Bucket Set each come with a Grit Guard™, colour-coded to correspond to the Red Wash, Blue Rinse and Black Wheels with matching labels.

The Grit Guard™ is a bucket filter system which sits in the bottom of the bucket and acts as a barrier, trapping dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket and preventing them from being reintroduced to the wash mitt or sponge. Simply brush your mitt or sponge across the guard to release any particles before continuing the wash.

Each bucket has an optional sturdy lid that prevents outside particles contaminating your wash bucket when in storage. There is nothing worse than coming to wash your car to find your bucket has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris from the garage or shed. The lids also makes a handy seat for when washing wheels or machine polishing after the wash process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Transparent Clear Buckets
  • Bucket lids optional (select from drop-down menu above)
  • Bucket capacity: 3 x 20 Litres (5 US Gallons)
  • Size (Height x Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter) 35cm x 30cm x 27cm

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