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Original Wheel Woolies Round Boars Hair Detail Brush (1.25 Inch)

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A7D Boars Hair Detail Brush

Bruan Automotives expertise in brush technology doesn't just stop with their famous Wheel Woolies 3-Piece Set. Their knowledge of high quality brushes is world leading in the detailing market. The AD7 Round Boars Hair Detailing Brush features an epoxy set boar hair bristles, tapered from a packed dense base to a finer tip. Allowing you to have the confidence the brush will not fail under harsh agitation but also the finesse of cleaning in tighter areas.

Boars hair is fantastic for cleaning around exterior parts of your car including, wheels, vents, engine bays, door sills, badges and number plates to name a few. At 2.5 inch long bristles, you can reach into most areas of your car, even some of the most deep set wheel nuts will be accessible. Give the brush a little twist and swirl to lift away the grime. A good tip is to spray your desired cleaner directly into the bristles as wheel as the surface. This will stop the grime attaching to the bristles directly and also gives you a little extra cleaning power.

If that wasn't enough, the AD7 Round Boars Hair Detailing Brush is equipped with a polypropylene grip handle making the whole brush chemical resistant. Boars hair will not scratch most surfaces on your car, especially if used with water. For the softest areas such as piano black it would still be recommended to use a synthetic super soft brush just to be on the safer side.


  • 1.25 inch wide
  • 9.75 inch length
  • Soft & strong Boars hair
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Grip pattern handle
  • Polypropylene, will not rot
  • Also available in 1 inch

Sizes: 1.25 Inch


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