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Boosted Quick Detailer (750ml)

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SANSOM Boosted Quick Detailer (750ml)
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BOOSTED - not your typical "quick detailer".

YES - it will remove light contamination, dust, finger marks and water spots.

YES - it will add gloss and slickness to paint, giving your vehicle that "just waxed" look and feel.

YES – it can be used on top of waxes and ceramic coatings, to give another layer of protection.

So, what makes BOOSTED special? It also leaves a durable, hydrophobic coating that makes water bead up and roll off the surface.

Features & Benefits:

  • A drying aid and final shine after shampooing and rinsing your vehicle or
  • When you want a glossy “just waxed” look without the time and effort needed to wax.
  • To put the finishing touches to a freshly detailed car.

Directions for use:

  • Lightly mist onto the surface. Do not over saturate. Wipe gently with a high quality microfibre cloth. Use another clean, dry microfibre cloth to buff to a shine.
  • Alternatively, spray sparingly onto a clean, dry microfibre cloth and wipe onto surface. Use another clean, dry microfibre cloth to buff to a shine.
  • For best results, apply to one panel at a time, wiping and buffing before moving onto the next panel.

Size: 750ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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