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Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Sport - Ben Graves - Winner April 2013

Entered for the April 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Graves

Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: A-Class AMG Sport

Year: 2012

Viewed: 5736 times.

Votes/Comments: 136

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Sport
Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Sport
Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Sport

Products Used

How Ben Used Our Products

Having taken delivery of the vehicle 3 months ago, last weekend provided the first real opportunity to get out and spend some time with the new arrival!

After a dismal winter, the car was caked in salt and general road grime so the first step was to apply Valet Pro Citrus Pre-Wash to the car. Whilst this was soaking a liberal application of Valet Pro Bilberry was sprayed onto each wheel and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes. A quick flick over with a Vikan brush and pressure wash quickly removed the brake dust and grime.

By this time the pre-wash was ready to remove and a quick spray with the pressure washer quickly removed a lot of the dirt that had accumulated over the months.

Embracing the two bucket method (with grit guards), a thorough wash using Dodo Juice’s Born to be Mild and a sheepskin mitt was completed. The car was dried off using the Chemical Boy’s Mini-Miracle without having to wring it out once!

Once dried the real fun began! The first step was to remove some of the tar marks with Autoglym’s tar remover and was then followed by some clay action with the Bilt-Hamber Soft Auto clay. Using simply water as a lube, this clay worked wonders in the low temperature, removing plenty of rubbish from the paintwork.

The paint was then prepared with Dodo Juice’s Lime Prime; applying with a foam applicator and removing with a microfibre. Keeping with the theme of Dodo Juice, two coats of their Supernatural Hybrid Sealant was applied with great ease and buffed off with a clean microfibre.

I decided to seal the windows with Gtechniq’s G1 and carefully followed the instructions polishing the screen first with their G4 polish and then applying three separate coats of G1 to the windscreen, two to the rear and one to the side windows. A little bit of elbow grease and use of the supplied G2 residue remover finished off the process.

Finally to the wheels which had Poorboys Wheel Sealant applied (twice) and the tyres coated with Meguiars Endurance Gel.

Internally, a simple hover, clean with Auto Finesse Total and finish with their Spritz Interior Detailer was all that was required.

Two days later you would never have know that it had been through all of the above! God bless the Great British weather!

Comments from Voters

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  • Fingers crossed fella

  • Nice effort

  • Good luck mate!

  • Looks like a nice, well cared for car

  • If you had a pound for every hour spent with that car you wouldn't need this prize!

  • How much gear??!!

  • Bet you are not as quick as my local outfit :-0 !

  • Ooo la la!

  • keeping it looking good :)

  • My husband says this is the best so here is my vote. Good luck.

  • Mega :-0

  • I know where you live so expect a dirty car on your drive this weekend!

  • addicted to cleaning his new car bless

  • Wax on wax off Daniel san

  • Brilliant Shine all the time!

  • Cleanest car in Burgess Hill

  • I adding one of those to the Christmas list!

  • Brill

  • Nice car :-)

  • Text book work - great effort!

  • Wax on, wax off

  • Spot on

  • Shiny grey is may favourite

  • Does that make it go faster??!

  • Can you get my car to look this good?!

  • Super Shiny!

  • What a lovely shiny car!

  • Pick of the bunch ;-)

  • Way too much time on your hands Mr G!

  • Ooosssshhh!

  • Does your wife know you have another love?! ;-)

  • +1 for this one!

  • Wish my JCB was that shiny!

  • Now we know where you are all weekend!

  • Lovely!

  • Very shiny! Puts mine to shame!

  • very shiny

  • Nice set of wheels Marty, way better than your old Delorean!!

  • This one gets my vote.

  • Inspiring

  • One day mine will look that good!

  • Broom broom!

  • Lovely

  • Very nice

  • Clear winner ;-)

  • Ooooh, so very pretty and shiny! I suddenly feel the need to go outside and clean my very dirty car!

  • Nice!

  • Fancy lending me some of your gear??!!

  • Nice and tidy

  • Off to buy one now! Brilliant!

  • CARS!

  • Good work my son!

  • Scrub harder!!!

  • Bet the neighbours need sunglasses!

  • Watch out for low flying pigeons!

  • Spit and polish works just as well!

  • Look what you can achieve with a little dedication!

  • Wax on, wax off...

  • If Carlsberg did detailing......

  • Keep up that shine

  • Clean that car :)

  • Big thumbs up for this one! ;-)

  • Didn't realise grey could look so good!

  • Ouch, that is hot!

  • Looks faster than light

  • what a shine!

  • Boom! Clear winner!

  • When you going to clean mine??!

  • Dedication overload! Amazing commitment.

  • Shiny!!

  • Lovely Jubbly Ben!

  • Can you see yourself in it?!

  • What a shine!

  • Go Ben!

  • Want one!

  • Super job Ben! Great range of products used

  • I think you missed a bit!!

  • Looking good!

  • Yey

  • Looks great and how shiny!

  • Amazing

  • How many products does it take to clean a car!!!!

  • I would like to vote for Ben

  • Looks lovely. My car has never looked this clean

  • Looks tidy. Good work

  • Nice clean car, watch those stone chips

  • If only my car was that shiny!

  • Wow, looks stunning!

  • Very tidy!

  • I didn't know cleaning a car was so technical! Please come and clean mine next weekend!

  • Looking lovely! Have never seen a spec on this motor!!

  • Wow, what a finish. I know a Detailer who would give you a job in a heartbeat!

  • Looking good! She's a beauty!

  • Now for an image to match the car...

  • shiny, shiny, very shiny!!

  • Nice job Ben. Loving the motor!!

  • Fantastic!

  • Definitely the best car in the comp! Great work

  • Another awesome Merc just like mine!

  • Now that's dedication!

  • Good work, looks even better in real life!

  • Lovely car

  • Mmmm mmmmm, tasty!

  • This boy know how to wax!

  • You're more than welcome to do the honors to my car...

  • Very nice finish

  • Fancy cleaning mine? Brilliant!

  • What a lovely sparkly car!!

  • I've got a lovely fiesta that could do with a Graves polish! :) maybe we could just swap?!

  • What a sexy Beast

  • A for ? How very shiny Mr G, nice work.

  • Nice car! ;-)

  • A-ma-zing! How shiny are those wheels!

  • Looks like plenty of effort has gone into this car. Even new cars require love and a decent LSP!

  • Ooohhh, I wish my car looked as lovely as this!! :)

  • Inspiring.....

  • You can't really give a 4month old car the prize !! It's still fresh out the factory !!

  • I've had the privilege to have travelled in this car, love the sporty looks and spotless. 10/10.

  • Car looks great! Hope you look after your wife, as well as you do your car!!

  • very clean indeed. How does he make it so clean? Youre welcome to clean mine anyday!

  • Great selection of producs and an excellent finish

  • A true reflection of its owner!

  • Car looks stunning,its so shiny!! Well done Mr Graves.

  • Have you done the other side yet?

  • I want that one...

  • How a car should look, clean, shiny with a superb finish.

  • Ben doesn't even own a car!!! He prefers bikes

  • Lovely looking car.. Great shine to the paint work!

  • He's besotted with his car!

  • Gorgeous car and beautifully shiny, I want one!

  • great looking car in great condition, keep it up.

  • The best ever driver, he deserves to win.

  • Wow, does this young man know how to look after a car. Fab-u-lous

  • Nice & shiny! Good work!

  • Great finish!

  • Fantastic looking car and a great finish!

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