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Ford Mondeo - Sara Kennedy

Entered for the May 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Sara Kennedy

Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo

Year: 2007

Viewed: 6030 times.

Votes/Comments: 155

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Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

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How Sara Used Our Products

Hi, thank you for looking and reading my entry.

Firstly with my car I gave her a good hose down and then a wipe off with the Hydroglyde from Autoglym, also using a drying towel and step ladders. (The Mk4 Mondeo is a big car and I am just over 5 feet tall!) During this first was I used 3 buckets one for dirty one for rinse then shampoo. This gave me an opportunity to see the car in its pre detailing stage.

I then started with a good clay bar of the whole car using Meguiar’s detailing spray and my lube. When I completed a full clay bar of my car I then repeated my washing and shampooing again with a full rinse and towel dry. I started with using the Meguiar’s stage on polish all over the vehicle, to polish off I used a 2 handed buffer. The processes were repeated using, a Meguiar’s stage 2 and then the sage 3. My husband swears by this method when starting a full deep valet on his car.
After this I had a go with the Meguiar’s dark wax in the squeezy tube, it’s a very easy on and off polish. Moving on a full wax with Poor boys black hole then the Dodo Juice Purple haze. This makes a good combination polish and they seem to work well together on a black car.

I finally finished up with the Meguiar’s Gold Class.
I now have a deep gloss rich sine to my Mondeo. The interior was hoovered out and then cleaned using a combination of brushes and wipes.

I then cleaned all the windows using a Meguiar’s glass cleaner. The wheels are mat black so I simply washed them sown with Meguiar’s shampoo and then used Meguiar’s Tyre gel (smells fabby). Under the bonnet was cleaned with Autoglym plastic cleaners.

It took me a good 5 hours to complete but 5 hours well spent when we are cleaning both our cars together on the drive on a sunny day as we are both huge Petrol heads.

Thank you again for reading my write up and also looking at my Mondeo, I hope it will persuade you to leave a comment and a vote.

Comments from Voters

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  • Lovely Mondeo

  • shiny

  • Good luck :)

  • Stunning. Clear as glass

  • lovely car well done

  • come on gothlet, you can do it

  • wow

  • Serious commitment. Extremely nice.

  • Brilliant looking car and great shine ;)

  • Great looking car, nice shine to it :)

  • Real nice mondeo should wim

  • lovely looking motor

  • awesome shine

  • what a shine! looks nice that. :)

  • Superb!

  • lovely mondeo a vote for the mondeo owners and the great work

  • good luck

  • good luck

  • love this mk4 mondeo :)

  • That car is just amazing!

  • Wonderful car

  • Stunning !!

  • Love it!

  • Lovely mondeo!

  • Fantastic

  • fantastic shine!

  • Great looking Mondeo

  • Well done on all that hard work, pats off in the end

  • Gleaming

  • Golly - some hard work there!

  • Amazing

  • perfection sara

  • excellent shine

  • Good luck Sara - brill car, you deserve it xx

  • stunning motor, looks mint

  • Shiny! :-)

  • super shiny very well looked after car

  • Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Lovely :-)

  • Vote sara

  • Vote sara

  • amazing shine on your paint work..

  • best of luck braw as always

  • sara has such a gorge car i love seeing her and she deserves to win

  • sara has such a gorge car i love seeing her and she deserves to win

  • its cool...just cool....nuff said

  • Stunning car, gleaming!!

  • Very nice looking all black mondeo mk4 with a lot of attention to detail

  • fine example Sara

  • Love it x

  • Great job, Sara. Hope you win.

  • Stunning

  • Cars looking great. Great work

  • Fantastic

  • looking good

  • lovely looking car and a great shine

  • Amazing!

  • Great looking car

  • Wow fab car

  • Beautiful looking car

  • How is this car not winning with over 1600 views? Come on please vote for sara! M-O all the way!

  • Great looking shine!

  • Love it!

  • mmmm...shiny!

  • Motorhead \::/,

  • First class

  • Great work!

  • very smart

  • Very well kept more, all the best Spiderz

  • lovely car seen this in person

  • never seen a nicer mondeo

  • love it

  • i love this! its a fantastic example of how to do it right! good luck! xx

  • fantastic

  • love it

  • awsome

  • very classy

  • Great Job

  • Looking good as always Sara.

  • Nice shine

  • Looking first class

  • Looks great :-)

  • Amazing

  • awesome

  • very smart

  • looking good, keep up the good work

  • immaculate! well done toots

  • Sweet

  • Dam tidy

  • beautiful finish

  • Clean and shiny good work

  • gawjus

  • awesome shine

  • stunning as always

  • nice car

  • Spot on keep it real

  • Excellent job, looks fantastic

  • Nice looking mondeo apart from the red ;(

  • (y)

  • perfect looking car

  • Great car :)

  • awesome car! Great work

  • Gorgeous :) x

  • Very nicely done

  • very shiny motor

  • Beautiful Car

  • Fab looking car. A lot of work gone into this

  • good work. keep it up :)

  • Nice an clean

  • Lush!! JP

  • It gleams at me every day!

  • grand job!

  • Lovely Mk4 :)

  • Beautiful Car! Very nicely done!

  • very nice

  • Great job !!

  • for the win :)

  • Real nice ride

  • Stunning

  • what a fantastic car. and a superb finish well done

  • very stunning looking car. lot of hard work, but worth it

  • You'll have to come down and sort mine out!

  • You've got to love the gothlet

  • stunning! awesome job!

  • -

  • ,

  • .

  • Cracking looking motor! Lots of time and money has gone into this and it shows! :)

  • Very nice condition.

  • sara to win x wonderful lady x works so hard deserves it z

  • gorgeous example of a mk3 mondeo !!

  • Stunning

  • Stunning mk4

  • Stunning mondeo (Albukerk)

  • So very proud of my beloved petrol head wife, one of the most loved Mk4's out there. :-)

  • looking smart there Sara (TIGER ST)

  • Good luck. Fly the flag for mondeo owners everywhere.

  • Good luck lovely lady xxx

  • Stunning Mondeo :)

  • nice

  • Stunning Mk4 and a credit to the owner Sara keep up the excellent work, Andy

  • Stunning example.

  • very nice motor sara

  • Awesome Ride :-)

  • best mondeo ever!!!

  • the best mondeo ever

  • very nice

  • Sara loves your car products. She's fabulous.

  • fantastic!

  • Great shine on a very clean car .

  • very clean and shiny and i like shiny :)

  • One lovely car and well looked after buy it's owner. love the deep black gloss shine

  • Lovely finish

  • Lovely :)

  • wicked car seen it liked it loved it , top class

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