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Volkswagon Golf - Kieran Danby

Entered for the July 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kieran Danby

Make: Volkswagon

Model: Golf

Year: 2014

Viewed: 4153 times.

Votes/Comments: 40

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Volkswagon Golf
Volkswagon Golf
Volkswagon Golf

Products Used

How Kieran Used Our Products

To start with I sprayed the car with Bilt-Hamber Korrosol. I am always surprised at how much brake dust and metal ends up on the bonnet and boot, even after a week so I love to see the effect this has. I also sprayed the wheels with Korrosol before I washed them using Valet PRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner. To get between the spokes of the alloy wheels I used a long reach wheel brush. I thought black wheels would be easier to keep clean! To help keep brake dust to a minimum I use Poorboy’s Wheel sealant which also helps to give them a shine.

Then the car was rinsed off. Next, I sprayed the door shuts, seals and panels with Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD and rinsed after cleaning the panel gaps and trim with the Sash Brush.

I then washed the whole car with Gtechniq G-Wash using a Microfibre Madness Incredimitt and by following the Two Bucket Method. I cannot believe that I only used to use a sponge and a bucket!

After using the Bilt-Hamber Auto Clay Bar and rinsing off with an open ended hose, I dried the car using a soft Gtechniq Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel and cleaned any old wax and polish using the Panel Wipe. I use the Super Resin Polish to keep the appearance of swirls to a minimum. I used the SRP on the whole car and followed up with the R222 Carnauba Paste Wax which I layered twice.

After a quick clean of the glass and interior trim I finished off with the Bumper and Trim Gel, wheel sealant, T1 Tyre N Trim for the tires and treated the inside of the arches and rear axle with Chemical Guys Bare Bones.

Comments from Voters

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  • Fabulous!

  • Shinier than Frodos ring

  • wow... looks amazing ;-)

  • colour depth looks amazing.

  • Gorgeous!! Immaculate!

  • This is the best. No competition.

  • Great Looking Job well done.

  • What a spot on clean!

  • That car is gleaming

  • This car always look spotless

  • Super job. Fair play

  • Did an especially good job on my rims. Like new. Cheers!

  • What a finish! This definitely deserves to win

  • Worth the effort , excellent showroom finish

  • Can you do mine?

  • Perfect!! Very clean

  • Impressive stuff, that's a good process and a great finish you have there.

  • Wow! Very shiny... Well Done!

  • Very Shiny and looks like new !

  • Looks really good! If you ever get the urge, you can always come and clean mine the same way too!

  • Five Star Shine - Clean as a whistle

  • Very Professional finish. Well Done!

  • Show Room Conditioning!!!

  • Keiran keeps his car in this condition at all times very impressed

  • Looks amazingly clean and shiny!! Well done, this must have taken a lot of hard work

  • Wow- The finish looks awesome,U clearly have a lot of spare time on your hands. I love your SEAT.

  • There cannot be a cleaner, more gleaming car!!

  • Wow, clearly a lot of hard work has gone in to this, and it really shows in the finish. Great work.

  • Shiny!

  • This car always looks immaculate. Am very impressed .

  • A professional looking finish if ever I've seen one!!!

  • Tornado red looks great on this Golf!

  • Your cars always look special. Well done.

  • What a lot of hard work. Looks amazingly clean.

  • Great finish!

  • Obviously a lot of consideration has gone into making this vehicle gleam.

  • What a cleaning regime! Cleanest car i've seen in a long time....

  • What a shine and clean.

  • Immaculate!!

  • Brilliant finish and clean

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