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Audi A6 Black Edition - Colin Edwards

Entered for the May 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Colin Edwards

Make: Audi

Model: A6 Black Edition

Year: 2015

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Audi A6 Black Edition
Audi A6 Black Edition
Audi A6 Black Edition

Products Used

How Colin Used Our Products

Being a real lover of cars but very much a novice detailer until recently, I was inspired to spend more time looking after my latest car having watched numerous car detailing videos & reading up on it. After just usually keeping the car clean over the winter months it was definitely time to properly detail & reseal the car again in preparation for the spring! I started the cleaning process by spraying the car, wheels with Ultimate Snow Foam to remove as much as possible of the grime, dirt before washing it. Having left that for 10-15 min I then jet washed the car to remove all the dirt & suds remaining. With the car noticeably cleaner I then washed the car exterior (Sills, windows, Bodywork) using the 2 Bucket Method with a Microfibre Madness sponge using Auto Finesse Lather soap. The wheels were then cleaned using Auto Finesse Imperial wheel cleaner which not only cleans well but smells lovely!

With the car & wheels clean it was very easy to see the tar spots & other residue that had built up over the winter months so this was removed using Auto Finesse Obliterate & Iron Out. I always find it staggering how much additional decontamination comes off the bodywork & wheels using this process . The car was then jet washed again & dried using a Microfibre Towel. Before applying the paint protection I primed the paint with Auto Finesse Tough Prep which left the car sparkling clean before completing the sealing process with the application of Auto Finesse Tough Coat.

With the bodywork gleaming I then sealed the alloys with Poorboys Wheel sealant before using Meguiars Endurance High Gloss protection on the tyres. The windows were then cleaned using Auto Finesse Crystal & the interior hovered out with all surfaces wiped over using a microfiber & Auto Finesse ‘Total ‘Interior Cleaner. All these products were used on recommendation & research and I am absolutely delighted with the end results. I hope you like the car!

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