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Microfiber Madness Incredisponge Wash Sponge

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Microfiber Madness Incredisponge Wash Sponge
Microfiber Madness IncrediSponge Wash Sponge
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The Microfibre Wash Noodle Sponge!

Never using your wash mitt as an actual mitt and really as just a sponge? Don't like the feel of a hand in the wash mitt or just prefer the convenience of a sponge? Don't compromise on a cheap yellow sponge or even just putting up with a wash mitt, choose the Microfiber Madness Incredisponge Wash Sponge!

The Incredisponge is an ergonomically shaped sponge with long, fluffy, dense fibres noodles, designed to care for paintwork as you're washing. The highly absorbent sponge allows for longer working times and the microfibres trap dirt deep within the pile, away from the surface of the paint - meaning safe washing for your paintwork.

The 'bone' shape makes the Incredisponge easy to hold on to, even when it's heavy with water. Made in Germany to the standard which has come to be expected of the Microfibre Madness brand, the Incredisponge is machine washable.


  • 92% Polyseter 8% Viscose.
  • 25mm pile length.
  • Super soft microfibre.
  • Ergonomic bone design.
  • Absorbent internal sponge.
  • 24cm x 13cm x 7cm (L x W x H).
  • Machine washable to 40 degrees C (avoid bleach & fabric softeners).
  • Tumble dry on cool setting.

Size: Single pack

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